Stewards of Provincial Games

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  • Event Stewards: Provincial Games*

By tradition, the Medieval Studies Group (MSG) hosts a Lunch Tavern at Provincial Games, to raise money for Gulf Wars - often to subsidize the Mooneschadowe Camp meal plan.

# Event Steward(s) Provincial Games Number AD Notable
1 Jean Paul and Gilyan Provincial Games 2012
2 Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe Provincial Games II 2013
3 Gilyan, Emma Provincial Games III 2014
4 Gilyan, Emma Provincial Games IV 2015 Kingdom A&S ("KASPG")
5 Liliana Byrnes with Jon Stryker Provincial Games V 2016 Frito Chili Pie
6 Liliana Byrnes with Aesilief MacDonald Provincial Games VI 2017 Philly Cheesesteak!
7 Elsa von Snackenberg with Sigridr Ragedottir Provincial Games VII 2018
8 Elsa von Snackenberg with Diana Provincial Games VIII 2019 Tacos
8 Turpin Tyme with Mikjall Stoti Provincial Games IX 2020 Tacos