Stewards of Guardian/Triumphe

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Autocrats of Guardian and Triumphe

Guardian Autocrat(s) Event Number AD AS Site is Will Rogers Boy Scout Camp unless otherwise noted
Guardian I AS XVI Lake Carl Blackwell
Guardian II AS XVII Weather blew away tents, 30 ppl sleeping in GP Medium
Gilyan? Guardian XVIII 1998 AS XXXIII The Ranch
Talbot Guardian XIX 1999 AS XXXIV
Gunhilda Guardian XX 2000 AS XXXV
Dagmar with Owen ap Aeddan Guardian XXI 2001 AS XXXVI Camp Cimmaron
Jean Paul de Sens & Gilyan Alienora Clonmacnoise Guardian XXII 2002 AS XXXVII The Ranch
Dagmar, now known as Genevria di Betto di Adriano and Lillias MacGuffin Guardian XXIII 2003 AS XXXVIII
Sabine Lefevre d'Armignac Guardian XXIV 2004 AS XXXIX
Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe Guardian XXV 2005 AS XL Site token: Oxlade shuttles
Triumphe Autocrat(s) Event Number AD AS
Lillias MacGuffin & Liliana Byrnes Triumphe I 2006 AS XLI Site token: wrapped wire rings
Rafe Slater & Isabella Coppola Triumphe II 2007 AS XLII
Fëdora of Mooneschadowe Triumphe III 2008 AS XLIII
Peter MacIntyre & Vladislav Strelec Triumphe IV 2009 AS XLIV
Emma de Fetherstan Triumphe V 2010 AS XLV
Lillias MacGuffin & Liliana Byrnes Triumphe VI 2011 AS XLVI Site token: monkey fist knots
Reis ap Tudor & Elsa von Schammach Triumphe VII 2012 AS XLVII Triumphe of the Apocalypse! Site token: bells

Feast Stewards of Guardian and Triumphe

By tradition (and the name of the cabin!) Feast Stewards are accorded the use of the Cook's Cabin for the duration of Guardian/Triumphe. Also by tradition, the Mooneschadowe Kitchen Party exists to serve the Feast Stewards of Triumphe.

Feast Steward(s) Guardian Number AD Inspiration
Guardian I
Henry the Penitent Guardian II (efficiency apartment)
Mercedes 1998 (The Ranch) included pieces from Bad Brad's
Gunhilda Guardian ?? ?? Above/Below the Salt
Aeddan ap Trahern with Gwennan of the Shores Guardian XX 2000
Liadan Guardian XXI 2001 (at Cimmaron)
Magdelena da Cadamosto Guardian XXII 2002 (at The Ranch) Chilled Lemon Chicken
Magdelena da Cadamosto Guardian XXIII 2003 Italian (Platina)
Marke von Mainz with Elsa von Schammach Guardian XXIV 2004 (lots of bread)
Magdelena da Cadamosto with Elsa von Schammach Guardian XXV 2005 Elizabethan? (white sausages)
Feast Steward(s) Triumphe Number AD Inspiration
Elsa von Schammach with Aline Swynbrook Triumphe I 2006 Mahdi: Moorish
Sabine Lefevre d'Armignac Triumphe II 2007
Vogna Zherebtsovia with Charles the Grey Triumphe III 2008 German and Slavic (bierox!)
Charles the Grey with Isaac Masters Triumphe IV 2009 Shabu-Shabu (Mongolian Hot-Pot)
Elyssa de Orozco with Vogna Zherebtsovia Triumphe V 2010 Mooneschadowe XXX: Booze Feast!
Haemon Metellus with Charles the Grey Triumphe VI 2011 Bacon Feast!
Liliana Byrnes with Lillias MacGuffin Triumphe VII 2012 Apocalypse: Russian