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==Barony of Stargate==
===Barony of Stargate===
[http://stargate.ansteorra.org/ Official web Page]
[http://stargate.ansteorra.org/ Official web Page]
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Barony of Stargate

stargate.gif Official web Page

The Barony of Stargate is located in Houston, Texas, and was the first group founded in what was to become Ansteorra. In those days the first group to be founded in a state was a Barony so Stargate was a Barony from the beginning. It was officially recognized by the BoD in August 1972.


The nine founding members of Stargate were:

  • Original 3
    • Basilim of the Argus Eye
    • Myrddyn ap Rhys
    • Alfyrhyan Taurdinen
  • Secondary 6
    • Antelais Anrelte (Bran de Tintreak)
    • Vishaldyrne of Stackeryd
    • Shanahan the Fey, called Stormbearer
    • Tambrylin Shaunty
    • Sheridan O'Donnel
    • Mallengahl



The following People have sat the Baronial Thrones of Stargate:

Myrrdyn ap Rhys 10/17/73-3/5/77
Tarl Mapt 3/5/77-7/31/82
Joined by Arlene the Soother 6/17/79-7/04/82
William Fitzwalter of Wallingsford & Gladwen of Aylesford 7/04/82-8/27/83
Vicar & Vicaress - William of Wier & Phillippa Rookhaven 7/83 –8/27/83
William of Wier & Phillippa Rookhaven 8/27/83-5/30/87
Bran de Tintreak 5/30/87-9/09/95
With Ellisena de Bayonne 5/30/87-12/13/91
With Sindra Gunhild Sigmundsdottir 4/26/92-9/09/95
Michael Silverhands & Nessa the Obstreperous 9/09/95-9/09/00
Godwin of Eddington & Ellisena de Bayonne 9/09/00-04/09/05
Ihon Vinson Macfergus & Isabeau Quiquandon 4/09/05-04/09/11
Robert Michael McPharlan & Simone Valery la Rousse 04/09/11-04/21/12
Robert Michael McPharlan 04/21/12 - present


The Baronial Service Order of Stargate is the Order of the Sodality of the Sentinals of the Stargate.

There are two closed service orders in Stargate: Order of the Astral Clarion and Order of the Misty Star.