Sigen Fridreksdottir

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Known As: Sigen Northkeep
Registered Name: Sigen Fridreksdottir
Current Group: Northkeep
Past Groups:
Joined SCA: Prior to 1990
Current Status: Inactive
Last Seen: 2005
Rank/Title: Baroness
Device Registered? Yes: Per chevron sable and azure, a hedgehog Or between three Thor's hammers argent.


Badge Registered?: Yes: (fieldless) Azure, a Thor's hammer

Yes: Per pale azure and gules, a gryphon passant and a chief embattled Or.
Thorgrim-sigen badge.gif

Offices Held:
  • (Founding) Baroness Northkeep 11/23/96-5/19/01
  • Former Baronial Reeve of Northkeep
  • Former Baronial Deputy Knight Marshal of Northkeep
  • Former Baronial Deputy Constable of Northkeep
  • Former Baronial Seneschal of Northkeep
OP Listing: Fridreksdottir&id=4260 Sigen Fridreksdottir

Persona History:

10th Century Norsewoman.


Costuming, Norse History & Culture

Timeline of Activity:

Populace Provided Information:

Notable Contributions: