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The Shire of the Shadowlands is located in Bryan/College Station, Texas. It is in the [[Southern Region]] of Ansteorra.
#REDIRECT [[the Shadowlands]]
The name was registered in May of 1980.
Their device was registered at the same time:
''Per pale azure and sable, issuant from the line of division a demi-compass star and a demi-annulet, in base a laurel wreath Or.''
The badge of the Sterregazerers Gylde was registered in August of 1983:
''Sable, a comet bendwise sinister Or between in bend a mullet of nine points and an increscent argent.''
The badge for the Artisan of the Shadowlands was registered in April of 1988:
''Per pale azure and sable, a chevron Or between two hands in chevron, one sinister, one dexter, and a heart argent.''
This badge was registered in March of 1990:
''Per pale azure and sable, issuant from the line of division a compass star throughout conjoined to a demi-annulet, all within a bordure Or.''
'''Newsletter:'''  The Shadow Knows
'''Awards:''' MoSS: Meritorious Order of the Shire of the Shadowlands (polled order), Order of the Shadow (cookie award)
'''Major Events Hosted:''' Tax Day Tourney at Lake Sommerville
== 1980-1989 ==
Throughout the 1980's, Shadowlands had the youthful character of a college group. Nearly all the members were students or former students at Texas A&M University.  Weekly fighter practices and monthly meetings were held on campus, and the group was recognized as an official student organization, with a cubicle in the Student Programs Office. 
The group held demos at the Rudder Fountain near the Memorial Student Center, with combat between Master Godfrey de la Fosse and his opponents always drawing a crowd.  (During one, Godfrey attempted to distract his opponent by pointing and shouting, "Look! There's Halley's Comet!"; hence the comet on his device.) Mistress Anna Czulneja contributed her significant sewing skills, and Master Cadfan ap Morgan provided bardic inspiration. Lord Morfin was a behind-the-scenes presence.
There was a strong cross-pollination with the campus science-fiction/fantasy group Cepheid Variable.  A number of students were members of both groups, and an SCA demo was usually scheduled during AggieCon, the annual SF convention on campus.
Because of its central-Texas geographical location, Shadowlands members frequently attended events (and even fighter practices) in the baronies of [[Stargate]] and [[Bryn Gwlad]], which were only two hours away.  Events in the then-nascent shires of [[Raven's Fort]] and [[Loch Sollier]] were also often attended by Shadowlanders, as well as major events in the baronies of [[Bjornsborg]] and [[Bordermarch]]. Because there was so much activity close to home, Shadowlanders rarely attended events in distant baronies such as [[the Steppes]] or [[Namron]].
Group members also participated actively at the SCA "village" at the Texas Renaissance Festival in Magnolia north of Houston.  This was a major fund-raising opportunity, with the proceeds from the games being distributed according to the number of members participating.  (A filk ballad of the time has Stargate's Mistress Jane't using a metal detector to sift the hay for loose change.)

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