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Sam Bramall-Davenport Portrait.jpg
Registered Name: Sam Bramall Davenport
Resides: Skorragarðr
Status: Active
Joined SCA: 2014
Order of Precedence
Zarya Svan Hlifa
Sam Bramall-Davenport Device.png
Per chevron embattled gules and sable, two crosses crosslet and a wolf passant contourny Or

Lady Sam Bramall-Davenport

Nickname(s): Sammer
Previously Known As: Zarya Svan Halifa
Pronouns: She/Her

Other Registered Heraldry


  • Local Offices Held
    • Seneschal of Skorragarðr 2015-2016
    • Minister of A&S Skorragarðr 2014-2015
    • Deputy MoC Wiesenfeuer 2017-2018
  • Regional Offices held
    • Northern Regional Youth Armored Combat Marshal 2019-Current

Persona History:

he Domesday spelling of my linage is 'Bromale", it is the earliest form of name known, and indicates the Saxon origin of my name and family. The word is derived from the Old English 'Brom', meaning broom, and 'Halh', a nook or secret place, probably the water. My family who in early years of Norman rule, made this district their home, and took their name from that place. The founder of the de Bromale family was a follower and distant relation of the Hamon de Messy; the Dunham Massey of Cheshire mentioned in the Domesday Book. The founder of Bromale received his lands in Bramhal as a reward for services rendered.

Under the Rule of Henry II (March 5th, 1133- July 6th, 1189) Matthew de Bromale received confirmations of our lands in Bramhal from Hamon, the second Baron of Dunham Messey, who released him from all services previously rendered, 'except the service of the fee of one breastplate'. The Bromale family was as such, an estate owner in trades of livestock and agriculture. The Bromale family acquired significant wealth,enough to afford the constructing of a grand home.

My lineage continued as Matthew was succeeded by Richard who accumulated further power to himself when he obtained a grant that his tenants need no longer be tried in the Baron's court in Dunham, but locally in Bramhal. Two more Richards succeeded in the direct line, the last dying without issues. This Richard was succeeded by his younger brother, Geoffrey, who had two daughters, Alice and Ellen. Alice who in 1370 married John de Davenport of Wheltrough, inheriting the Bramhal lands. Upon request of Edward III ( Nov 13th, 1312- June 21st, 1377) the Bromale lineage remain under the title of Bramall. I am the eldest daughter to John de Davenport, becoming the first of my name. Sam Bramall Davenport.

My lineage from the Davenport's is as historical as the Bromale. For the Davenport family of Cheshire traces its decent from Orm de Davenport who lived during the time of William the Conqueror (1028-September 9th, 1087.) Orm de Davenport took his name from 'Daven-port,' the 'town of the trickling stream' where he lived. Davenport resides along the River Dane a few miles north-west of Congleton. My father's family is wealthy landowners. In the year of 1255 the office grand serjent of the forest of Macclesfield was granted to Vivian Davenport, the head of family, and it is to this office, which became hereditary, that the Davenports have always attributed the felon's head crest which surmounts our shield of arms.

Our family suits of arms usually signify the absolute power of life and death which the grand serjent held within the forest. The serjent duties is to search out and hang the robbers lurking within its boundaries. As the eldest daughter these duties will never be my own, so I did not wish to hold such a sinister device of arms. Though as a matter of principal my father commissioned two great heads of stone be added to my mother's estate. Each bearing a halter around it's neck, surmounting the gatepost at the southern end of the drive, loftily surveying all comers, and claiming the Davenport ownership of the grounds.


Youth Combat
Combat Archery

Timeline of Activity:

Active member of the Canton of Skorragarðr since 2014.

Prior Groups

Populace Provided Information:

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

  • Autocrat for Protectorate 30th
  • Autocrat for Wiesenfeuer Baronial 2018
  • Artistic contributions to Kyna Terricsdottir's Pelican elevation.
  • Artistic contributions of heraldic banner for Vigdis Grafeldr's elevation of pelican.
  • Donations of Centurion cloaks.
  • Artistic donations of wood burnt thistle insisgnia.
  • Feast Steward for Axeman 2018
  • Autocrat and creator of Kid's Water Wars 2018.
  • Artistic basket donations for Axeman 2017, 2016, and 2015.
  • Water bearing coordinator for numerous events.
  • Donated custom hats for autocrats at Fiber Arts symposium in 2017.

Non-Armigerous Awards and Recognitions

Torsad of Namron for Service as Seneschal - October 2015


Mundane Information: