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The Sable Shield of Ansteorra is a non-armigerous acknowledgement (not award) that is given to those who have served in the armed forces.


"By Edict this Day, ______________ Is/Are bestowed the award of the Sable Shield of Ansteorra.
For service and defense of our populace and kingdom, in foreign lands and at great risk to their
own life and limb. We thank for your sacrifice. This non-armigerous award is given on the ____st
day of _____ being Anno Societatis XXXVIII, Anno Domini 2004"


The insignia for the acknowledgement is an unadorned escutcheon, sable. Later iterations have included the insignia of the specific branch of the military the individual served in.
There is not a scroll/charter for this acknowledgement.


As this is not an award per-se as recognized by Corpora, there is no precedent associated with it.


The Sable Shield was created by our 50th Crown, Miguel Sebastian de Oporto & Conall Ó Ríoghbhardáin.

Sable Shield Tournament

There have been a number of Sable Shield tournaments, open to holders of the Sable Shield or those they sponsor.

2016: Bryn Gwlad's Fall Baronial

Jean Raimbaut: "Greetings Ansteorra!!!! I have happy news! This past weekend the Holders of the Sable Shield of Ansteorra held a benefit tournament. We raised money for a charity that helps each branch of service. 54 fighters and archers answered the call and we name the first three Champions of the Sable Shield. Sir Timo won the Chivalric championship, Cadet Alastar MacRogers won the Rapier championship, Lord Wolfram von Gottfried is the Archery champion! Vivat the first three Sable Shield Champions! Throughout the tournament the branches of service also contested to be the best of Ansteorra. The Sable Shield Holders from each branch did their and their sponsors services proud but at the end of the day the US Army claimed the title. All other things aside I was very proud to host this monumental tournament. The populace of Ansteorra can not be beat. We raised money for excellent organizations for each service. Donation jars were put out for individuals to donate with all the entrance money going to the winning Branch. Without further ado the organizations and the total donations each earned.

  • Army Emergency Relief: $519
  • Air Force Enlisted Village: $42
  • Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation:$30
  • Navy Seal Foundation: $106
  • Coast Guard Mutual Assistance: $13


2018: Braggart's War

"Calling all fellow Sable Shields, if you plan to attend Braggart's War in September. Let it be known that the third annual Sable Shield tournament will be held that weekend. If you would like to be part of the staff, I have vacancies. If you want to fight or sponsor a fighter, rapier or archer we will have a field. For the first time ever, The Sable Shield tourney will have an A&S competition- To enter, be sponsored by a sable shield and a toy donation is requested. The toys will be given to the families of soldiers under care of the Va hospital in San Antonio. My sister was a soldier who lost her battle with cancer during her service. I request the toys for Children who sit and wait while their parent is being treated. To participate in the tourney, we seek a donation of $5.00 that will be given to a military charity. One for each branch of service. Army has won 2 years for the most donations given. Each Sable Shield can sponsor a fighter or artisan in each field. We will have donation jars available for those who want to donate. " Sable Shield Champions:

  • A&S: Masina Da Ferrara
  • Rapier: Orazio d'Assisi
  • Chivalric: Alexis la Bouche
  • Archery: Edward du Bois
  • Youth boffer under 10: Gunner Volundson
  • Youth boffer over 10: Joshua of the Pale Dragons


  • The Sable Shield was the first acknowledgement ever received by Elizabeta di Valore della Rosa.
  • The acknowledgement is given to the individual, rather than the Persona.