Rising Star of Ansteorra

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The Rising Star of Ansteorra is a nonarmigerous level award given in the Kingdom of Ansteorra to children (under the age of 18).


There shall exist in Ansteorra an award unto which shall be given by the Sovereign unto such children who have made contributions of worth by works, service, or example to the Kingdom, but whose age precludes or makes it inadvisable they receive an Award of Arms.

Holders of the Award shall be entitled to be styled and announced in procession as “Holder of the Rising Star of Ansteorra.”

Holders of the Award shall be entitled to wear a pin or medallion depicting the badge of the Award.


The badge of the Award shall be Or a mullet of five greater and five lesser points sable overall a point issuant from base gules.


The Award shall be nonarmigerous and carry no rank or precedence beyond any other Ansteorran award or honor.


The Rising Star of Ansteorra was created by the 19th Crown, Mikael of Monmouthshire and Rebekka die Blonde, XXII (1988).
The design for the badge was designed by Angelia Panattoni, who won a design contest sponsored by HL Haldana, when she served as Minister of Arts and Sciences. Angelia was 12 or 13 at the time.

Award Recipients