Post-Event Thank You Email

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It's the nice thing to do to send a thank you note to the people who showed up and those who helped (and they're often the same people). And when you send a nice note out, a lot of the time, you'll get nice notes back. And that's nice, lol.

I always have a problem with wanting to thank everyone personally, and then getting mostly through the letter and realizing that I didn't see who did Thing X, and then scrapping the whole thing because I don't want to forget anyone. So, here's a template of features that are nice to include in a thank you letter to more people than you can sanely list by name.

Points to Include:

  • Semiformal Greeting including when the event happened and what it was (name of event including number)
  • Thanks to Visitors from far away, especially
  • Thanks to Merchants (if you had any)
  • Thanks for help with this year's "catastrophe" (every year has one)
  • Activity turnouts if they were good or notable
  • Competition winners (include play-by-play and/or honorable mention if possible)
  • Include Insegnante here, or separately - just don't forget them!
  • Home-group people who received awards and did notable awesome things
  • Say nice things about Feast!
  • Say nice things about the Site!
  • Ask for pictures to be posted somewhere
  • Sign off with something upbeat/optimistic