Populace List - approx. Spring 1981

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Populace List - May 1, 1995)

Shire of Mona Sceaduwe

Seneschal: Lady Katherine Marie Yvonne Jette

Pursuivant: Troll the Philosopher

Marshall: Rurik Sigfredson Or Ringsten

Mistress of Arts: Isolde Dion Euves d'Argent

Master of Sciences: Tarl Brokentoe

Hospitaller: Lady Alma Melosa

Chronicler: Lord Burke Kyreill MacDonald

1 Aldaine Sparrowhawk (aka Haldane Sparhawk)
2 Alexandra Cameron
3 Alma Melosa
4 Amarynth Imrae Rhys
5 Arwin of Torr
6 (Bert M.)
7 Bromwyn Ethelmyre
8 Burke Kyreill MacDonald
9 Daniel Gaulois Auriems
10 Dominick Latitia Fortenberry (aka Estrill Swet)
11 Eric Guinivere (aka Brian Angus MacDonald)
12 Gondewayne Dragonstorm
13 Gottfried Knoepfli
14 Ian Jeffries
15 Isolde Dion Euves d'Argent
16 (Jack B.)
17 Jeanette Aolynn Fay Falconyr
18 (Joe K.B.)
19 Johansen Murre
20 Katherine Marie Yvonne Jette
21 (Kent T.)
22 Leta Amaryllis Goldenglow
23 (Lori S.)
24 Malika of Maubla
25 Mariposita de la Aura
26 (Mary L.)
27 Michal Mackinnon
28 (Mickey I.)
29 Muldona of Maubla
30 (Pamela W.)
31 Paragorn de Landrak (aka Guillaume de Troyes)
32 Friar Peter Rainbolt
33 Rashad (aka HG Jean Richard Malcolmson)
34 Ragnar (aka Ragnar of Ragnarsrock)
35 (Rebecca M.)
36 Rurik Sigfredson Or Ringsten
37 Sean Seamus O'Byrne
38 (Stephanie W.)
39 Tarl Brokentoe
40 Thamea St. Brendan
41 Tomas Dragonflier
42 Troll the Philosopher
43 Ulric Wulfhundson
44 (Vicki E.)
45 Vlana of Stareagle

This is reformatted from the original to exclude private information. Names in parenthesis are modern names. The original list included sca name, modern name, campus address, phone number, and home address. I've added / updated some names that were later changed.