Pavilions of Mooneschadowe

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Mooneschadowe's Pavilions!

We're proud of our pavilions! Here's a little bit of information about them.



  • Dimensions: Rectangle, 18'x24' at the roof; 7' external poles
  • Designed by Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe.
  • Debuted at Anstorra's 40th year Celebration, September 2019


  • Dimensions: 20'30' at the roof; 7' external poles
  • Used as the go-to Populace pavilion - it's big enough for Honor to fit under!


  • Dimensions: 14'x14' Square at the roof; 6' (or maybe 7') external poles.
  • Utilities: One center pole (no ridge).
  • Designed by Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe.
  • Used for Gate at Triumphe and the Kitchen at Gulf War.

MOG Minster - Retired

  • RETIRED: Triumphe 2018
  • Dimensions: Rectangle, 18'x24' at the roof; 7' external poles
  • Belongs to Master Oxlade; on de facto loan to the Province of Mooneschadowe.
  • Designed by Ox with decorative elements reminiscent of Westminster Abbey.
  • Inspired by a trip to England by Ox, Maggie, and Rhiannon.


  • Dimensions: 12'x18' at the roof; 6' external poles
  • Larger of the two
  • Often used for Listmistresses at Triumphe. Was used for the Kitchen at Gulf War before we got Charity.


  • Dimensions: 12'x10' at the roof; 6' external poles
  • Smaller of the two
  • Often used for Waterbearing at Triumphe.

Honor and Glory Mottoes

This is the list of mottoes that were collected for Honor and Glory when we were getting ready to decorate them.

  • Master Oxlade's translations
    • quo officium et gloria ducunt - Where duty and glory lead
    • quis nos seperabit? - Who shall separate us?
    • honos onus habet - Honor has a burden. or Honor holds a burden.
    • numquam sine honore - Never without honor
    • communi consento - By common consent
    • hic comitas regit - Kindness reigns here
    • gloria umbra virtuitis - Glory is the shadow of virtue
  • Mistress Rhiannon's translations
    • una voce - With one voice
    • nihil virtutem habet sine honore - Nothing has worth without honor
    • ubi congredimur, ibi est gaudium - Where we gather, there is joy
    • Honoro Gloria et Harmonia - With honor, glory and harmony
  • Challenge! We wanted a specific phrase, so Ox and Rhiannon both attempted a translation:
    • English: By his claws can you judge the LionDragon
    • Rhiannon: Unguibus leodraconem iudicares potes (this one was used)
    • Ox: Per eius ungues leodraconem poses iudicare (this one was not used)

Other Pavilions by Mooneschadowe

These pavilions were known by us, loved by us, and left in the care of others, to fare as well as they may.


  • Dimensions: 23' Diameter Footprint, Round. Lots of ropes.
  • Designed by Oxlade.
  • Used for Children's Activities for awhile, but the ropes were inconvenient.
  • Donated to the Shire of Adlersruhe.

Humility I and II

  • Dimensions: same as MOGMinster
  • Designed by:
  • Design motif: Kingdom Achievement, with BlackStars along the edge.
  • Purchased for the Kingdom of Ansteorra.
  • The funds for Humility I came from the profits after the Crown Tourney Mooneschadowe hosted.