Order of the White Scarf

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The Order of the White Scarf of Ansteorra is a Grant Level award given in the Kingdom of Ansteorra for exceptional skill and abilities on the duello field of combat.


There shall exist in Ansteorra an order unto which the Crown shall select persons who have demonstrated all of the following qualities:

  • Exceptional skill and chivalry in combat with weapons of the duello;
  • Service to Ansteorra and its people;
  • Knowledge of the courtly graces; and
  • Obedience to the laws and ideals of Ansteorra and of the Society for

Creative Anachronism.

This Order shall be known as the Order of the White Scarf of Ansteorra.

Companions of the order are entitled place the initials WSA after their names and to be styled and announced in procession as "Companion of the Order of the White Scarf of Ansteorra”. It shall be recognized tradition in Ansteorra to address members of the Order as “Don” or “Doña.” Companions of the Order shall be entitled to wear a white scarf about the left shoulder or above the left elbow.


Companions of the Order shall take precedence after all nobility and peerage and before simple Grants of Rank. The Order of the White Scarf, Star of Merit, Iris of Merit, Centurions of the Sable Star, Arc d'Or of Ansteorra, and Golden Lance of Ansteorra are held to be of equal precedence.


The Order of the White Scarf was created as a Principality order by Tessa and Simonn, 3rd Coronet Princess and Prince of Ansteorra, under Salene of Mightrinwood and Theo of Mightrinwood, Queen and King of Atenveldt, in AS XIII (1979). The original name was "Cavalier of the Society for Creative Anachronism." That name was found unsuitable by the Herald's Office, and the name was changed to "Order of the White Scarf" by HRM Joselyn and Lloyd of Ansteorra the following year.

The White Scarf was the first award in the SCA specifically for rapier fighters. In October of A.S. XXI (1987), the Kingdom of the Outlands signed a treaty with Ansteorra to create their own Order of the White Scarf. Since then, ten other kingdoms have received permission to use the name "White Scarf" for their top-level rapier award. Further information may be found here.


Blazon: Sable on a pale argent between two rapiers, guards to center, proper, in chief a mullet of five greater and five lesser points sable.
Insignia: A white scarf worn about the left shoulder or above the left elbow.

Award Recipients