Morrow's Keep

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Heraldic achievement for the Shire of Morrow's Keep

The Shire of Morrow's Keep was active in Ada, Oklahoma, and in the Northern Region of Ansteorra, from the spring of 1983 until 1988/1989 when internicine struggles marked its demise. It was named after Ada Morrow, whose parents were early citizens of the town [1].

The Shire was still in incipient status in 1983, when Fionnagan Dubh's History of Namron indicates a territorial battle between Morrow's Keep and Mona Sceaduwe (later Mooneschadowe) took place. This event was actually held in a small park on the east side of the Barony of Namron in September of 1983. It was initially called "Fennsic" after the great war between the Kingdom of the Midrealm and the Kingdom of the East known as Pennsic. This "battle over the fence" was to decide where the boundary lines between the two Shires was to be placed. Unfortunately, the remnants of a hurricane from the Gulf of Ansteorra ended up winning this "war" and it was from then on known as "Floodsic".

The Shire held another Kingdom Calendar event in November of 1983, the Pentaur Revel, sponsored by the Shire and House Pentaur. Baron Bjorn Magnusson Esping of Namron attended and was well and fully entertained and fed by the talented bards and cooks of the Shire.

The Shire held a full tournament and feast event in June of 1984, known as the Morrow's Keep Ceilidh Tourney. His Majesty Inman attended and held court and many of the populace were given awards for their good works and efforts within the Kingdom. Hildabrand von Tiel won the tourney and became the only Shire Champion, as the Shire never managed to hold another Kingdom Calendar level Tournament.

At one point there were over 30 active members in the Shire. Unfortunately, not all of them played well together. The Shire experienced three years of steady growth followed by three years of strife. Following the departure of several primary movers and shakers in a two year period, such as Ld. Direwolf, Ld. Jonathan McNaughton, Ld. Lothar der Grauwolf, Ly. Margery du Bray, Ly. Haldana Jensdottir and Ld. Jurdi Throndsson, the Shire splintered and was never able to recover. Within a year of this diaspora, the Shire folded.

The name was registered in June, 1984 [2], and the arms of the Shire, designed by Donecan MacDubhgal and approved by the populace, were registered in May of 1985 [3].

The branch name was released in February of 2005 [4]. The branch arms are still registered to the Kingdom of Ansteorra. Inquiries regarding permission to conflict should be made to Star Principal Herald.