Mooneschadowe Triumphe List of Activities and Championships

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These categories all have a current Champion (the person who won it last year), Home Team (one or more people who live here or is well known to us who is running this activity), and some have additional features from there (ie List Mistress, Herald, etc)

Championship Type Note Link to Current Champion Local Coordinators Needed
Guardian Tourney Chivalric field space; inspections Guardians & Queens of Grace & Wisdom Home Team; List Mistress; Waterbearing
Insegnante Tourney Rapier field space; inspections Rapier Champions/Insegnante & Queens of Love & Beauty Home Team; List Mistress; Waterbearing
Yeomen Archery field space Archery/Yeoman of Mooneschadowe Home Team; Waterbearing
Marksman Knife/Axe/Spear field space Bladed Weapons/Marksman Home Team; Waterbearing?
Chess Tourney Table and Board Chess hall space Chess Champion Home Team
Artisan Competition Arts and Sciences hall space Artisans of Mooneschadowe Home Team; judges
Minstrel Competition Bardic secluded space Minstrels Home Team; judges

Other Tourneys

These activities do not have championships tracked long-term.

  • Torchlight Tourney – Friday night; not our problem; ask WBIC to put out water jugs if someone wants to run this (that’s it)
  • Newcomers Chivalric Tourney (Newbie Tourney) – Home Team:

Youth Competitions and Activities

Note: Children's Activities require adherence to the Two-Deep Rule. Children's Marshal Activities address this by requiring a parent/guardian in attendance during these activities.

  • Children’s Activities – (Mind Two Deep!)