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Populace List (circa 1995)

1 Aeddan of House Windbourne Seneschal AoA, Comet, Thistle (Cooking)
2 Aelfhere Wolfschadowe
3 Alarich Iarngard AoA
4 Anastacia De Maris
5 (April B.)
6 Arianne
7 Armanius
8 Belgutai Rising Star
9 Blackwing
10 Blaiddistaw ap Blaiddu
11 Bobby Marionsson
12 Bridget Aisleen McIntyre
13 Cailean Gaoth Marcaiche
14 Calum MacKenzie Archery Marshall
15 (Chad A.)
16 (Christine Q.)
17 Ciaran Rhys O'Meara AoA, Comet
18 Colin Osgarsson
19 Connie Marionsdottir
20 Cuall ap Toringad AoA
21 Damien
22 Danulf Grindstaff AoA
23 Darius Baltasard AoA
24 Desmond
25 Drew of Mooneschadowe Rising Star
26 Dyfyr of House WIndbourne AoA
27 Eadmond Brennings
28 Elizabeth Lyon Gardner AoA
29 Elizabeth Mikelsdottir
30 (Erica)
31 Estrill Swet Dance Guild Head AoA, Comet, Thistle (Dancing), Iris
32 Ewan Connal MacKenzie AoA
33 Fiona Liadan MacSeain Reeve AoA, Thistle (Callig/Illum)
34 Gilyan AoA
35 (George Z.)
36 Godryck Jameson Constable AoA, Comet
37 Grimkel Gormson AoA, Comet
38 Guillaume de Troyes Chronicler AoA, Comet, Thistle (Juggling)
39 Gunhilda Amberstar Illumination Guild Head AoA, Comet, Falcon, Thistle (Calligraphy), Crane, Iris, Star
40 Gunleif Spearcatcher
41 Gunthar AoA
42 Gwennan of House Windbourne Kitchner's Guild Head AoA, Comet, Thistle (Cooking)
43 Haldane Sparhawk Historian AoA, Comet, Thistle (Metalcraft)
44 (Heather G.)
45 Ian Andrew MacIver
46 Ian Mikelsson
47 Isabelle Jacqueline de Marcelles Needlers Guild Head AoA
48 James Albert Rising Star
49 James Marionson
50 (Jeremy Y.)
51 (Jessica B.)
52 (Jim S.)
53 (Jim W.)
54 (Jonathon B.)
55 Jonathan Blackhawke
56 Joshua von Mainz
57 Kathleen O'Donnell Northern Regional Chronicler AoA, Comet, Crane
58 (Kevin B.)
59 (Kyle B.)
60 (Lea Y.)
61 (Lee B.)
62 (Lynne A.)
63 Margret MacGillivray AoA, Rising Star
64 Marion Minister of Children
65 Marke von Mainz Hospitaller AoA, Thistle (Chainmail)(Calligraphy), Comet, Iris
66 (Matt K.)
67 Modn Shadow
68 Osgar MagUidhir Armorer's Guild Head AoA, Comet
69 Oxlade
70 Puck Oneshoe of Sauvage Rapier Marshall & Juggling Guild Head AoA, Thistle (Foolery), Queen's Rapier, Motley Sash
71 Ragnar of Ragnarsrock AoA, Comet, Crane
72 Rainer Heinrich von Strasbourg Rising Star
73 Reichart von Bremen AoA
74 Rhiannon Redwolf AoA, Thistle (Bardcraft), Comet
75 (Rob S.)
76 Rowena of House Windbourne
77 Sabra Rose de Calais Rising Star
78 Sarmasia of Lakediamonia Chirugeon AoA, Comet
79 Serena MacGregor of Glenstrae
80 Stefen Godrycksson
81 (Sue D.)
82 Talen Gustauf von Marienburg Knight Marshall AoA, Comet, Falcon
83 Tatiana de Calais Herald & Kingdom MoC AoA, Thistle (Fabric Painting), Compass Rose, Iris, Comet
84 Tobias By the Wode
85 Treschen von Asselyn A&S Minister AoA, Comet, Falcon, Thistle (Costuming)
86 (Troy J.)
87 Trystan Wynter AoA
88 Vercingetorix d'Arbour
89 Walter Robin
90 (Warren R.)
91 Wolfger
92 Ying Ko

This is reformatted from the original to exclude private information. Names in parenthesis are modern names. The oringinal list included sca name, modern name, address, phone number, email address, awards, any office held, and SCA membership number with expiration date.