Mooneschadowe Petition for Proposed Arms

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Submitted 11/13/1979 – AS XIV

We, the undersigned officers and populace of Moonshadow, Land of the Crying Wind, do accept the attached arms as those proposed for our Shire.

  • Seneschal – Thamea St. Brenden
  • Pursuivant Extraordinary – Amra M’Chib Bakerian
  • Master of Arts – Valadonis the Wanderer
  • Marshall – Lloyd Alarich Lewellyn Fitzallyn
  • Master of Science – Gottfried Knopfli
  • Hospitaller – Vlana of Stareagle
  • Burke William Kyriell Andrews MacDonald
  • Peter Rainbolt
  • Nomina Nihila
  • Catherine Marie Yvonne Jette
  • Reagan Rodolfdater Geinanger, the Huntress
  • Kyla Mairie Reynolds Galloway
  • (Dora Ann Dodrill)
  • Aldaine Sparrowhawk
  • S’renne
  • Galiyard Aituir Gundibad Clrich Windram
  • Friar Barnard Grant
  • Gondewyane Dragonstorm
  • Leta Amaryllis Goldenglow
  • Isolde Dion Etoile d’Argent
  • Bouyne D’Tubelar