Mooneschadowe Petition for Device Change

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Submitted 1/22/91 – registered July 91

We, the undersigned, the populace of the Shire of Mooneschadowe do hereby make it known that we wish to have the shire device changed from:

'Sable, in pale a sun eclipsed argent and a laurel wreath, a chief Or.'


'Sable, a sun eclipsed argent, on a chief Or a laurel wreath sable.'


  • Ly Estrill Swet
  • Aldo Donelli
  • Lord Talen Gustaf von Marienburg
  • Lady Treschen von Asselen
  • Lady Katrionna MacLochlainn
  • Lord Karl Sturmfyre
  • Alfgar of Saxony
  • Erik
  • Ld Marke von Mainz
  • Ld Haldaine Sparhawk
  • Lady Aelfwyn Regenward
  • Brian Angus McDonald
  • Ly Elizabeth Lyon Gardener