Mooneschadowe Gulf War Camp Coordination

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New today! This is a work in progress during crunch-time 2013, being Gulf War XXII. --Elsa (talk) 07:01, 1 March 2013 (PST)

Seneschal Oversight

  • All of the War Camp "offices" ARE responsible to report back to the Seneschal.
  • The Seneschal should be apprised of changes as they happen.
  • Where possible, the Seneschal should plan a Group Photo - try to coordinate that ahead of time.
  • Swearing in of the Guard:
    • Usually at the Populace immediately preceding War
    • Styles are as individual as people - some do a "swearing at" of the Guard. Some make it formal, some make it free-form.

Ahead of War

  • Things to remind people about ahead of War (exclusive of packing):
    • Vehicle maintenance - full fluid/filter (including oil) changes, spare tire in good shape!
    • Check your membership card!
    • Check your fighter authorization card
    • Remember that the less space you (read: your tent) take(s) up at War, the more we have shared party space!
  • Checklists can be your friend. Here's a compilation of favorites:

After War

  • It's usually the most sane thing to reserve the first Tuesday meeting after War as a "let's talk about it" time - not necessarily a post-mortem, but encourage people to tell stories and share pictures.
  • Ask for pictures to be posted someplace where people can see them.

Land Duties

  • Coordinate with Food, MSG, Seneschal, Short War to make sure everyone has a place to live and knows about the camp features, including possible funding options.
  • Collect tent dimensions and door side(s), arrival date, period/mundane, number of people in tent
  • Set up camp upon arrival on site
  • Direct traffic to their new homesteads

Kitchen Duties

  • Completely at the discretion of whoever's doing it. In past years, it's been very free-form. We've started to tighten up the ship when we've started having large camp attendance. Having a formal food plan lets people accommodate a tighter budget and a freer schedule - as well as social time!

Food Constrictions

  • Planning/posting a menu well in advance will help people provide feedback. In years past we've accommodated the following specifications:
    • Vegetarian
    • Diabetic
    • Celiac
    • Crohns
    • allergic to chicken
  • It's advisable to place parameters on who all will be eating with us, ie, only people who let you know ahead of time, and maybe only people who camp with Mooneschadowe.

Camp Chores

  • Creating a camp chores document will help everyone visualize the work required for running the Kitchen - and then they'll know where they can contribute. Jobs include:
    • Ice in all coolers and Gott jugs
    • Making Gatorade/Lemonade in the smaller Gott, Topping off the Big One with water
    • Policing trash and armor in the main hang-out area
    • Hauling trash to the "curb"
    • Helping in the Kitchen for meals (particularly dinner)


  • omelettes, salsa, cheese
  • or whatever people want to make themselves. Someone should enforce the standard that everyone cleans up after themselves in the kitchen.


  • coolers accessible to everyone on the meal plan - basic sammich fixins: meat, cheese, bread, condiments
  • Sammich Ninjas are awesome and may materialize on their own, or they may need on the job training


  • hot cooked meals.
  • Bratwursts, shepherd's pie, tacos all go over well.
  • may get help from outside sources, but make sure they understand the money/space/time parameters

MSG Duties

  • Coordinate with all students to make sure they're set for the following:
    • Transportation to/from War
    • Clothing
    • Tentage

Short War Caravan Considerations

  • Travel timing including vehicles
  • Travel space: Sending a tent/garb/armor/weapons/supplies ahead?
  • Tenting considerations - are they staying with someone already set-up?