Mooneschadowe Guardian

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Official Information:

Mooneschadowe Guardian was the name of the annual event put on by the (then) Shire of Mooneschadowe. Typically held in the fall, it selected the champions that would represent the Shire for the next year. The first was held on October 3-4, 1981, and the last on September 16-18, 2005. Upon becoming a province, the name was changed to Triumphe. It is often held at Will Rogers Boy Scout Camp in Cleveland, Oklahoma.


The following was posted to the Ansteorran Kingdom Email list in August 1995:

"This year with the consent of our current Guardian, Sir Conrad of Castleton. We are holding a Ransom Tourney as part of the regular Guardian "Swiss" five. In past years, previous Guardians were not allowed to fight again to be a repeat Guardian. In commemoration of our 15th Guardian, we are allowing the past Guardians to compete in the Ransom Tourney. What this means this year is, every fighter will fight at least 5 bouts. If the fighter faces a past Guardian, that bout will neither count for or against the fighter in the Guardian part of the tourney, He or she will need to fight a sixth bout to be in consideration for being Guardian. Past Guardians wishing to fight will be made known to all other fighters.

For the Ransom part of the Tourney, every entrant will be given so many coins based upon Rank. 5 - untitled, 10 - AoA level, 15 - Grant Level, 20 - Peerage, 25 - Nobility. If the entrant loses a bout, he/she give their opponent so many coins as ransom. If the entrant wins the bout he/she is given so many coins based on the opponents rank. 1-untitled, 2-AoA Level, 3-Grant Level, 4-Peerage, 5-Nobility. Entrants can purchase more coins from the Italian Banking House at the list field. There will be 3 1/4-1/3oz. Sterling coins given to 1) the entrant with the most coins, 2) the entrant that has increased his coinage the most, and 3) the winner of the Guardian tourney Section.

Spectators are encouraged to buy coins from the Banking House to place bets on winners of Individual Bouts. There will be other silver coins given to the new Titled Bard, Winner of the A&S, and the winner of the Chess Tourney."

Populace Provided Information:

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