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Official Web Page
This is the page for the Province of Mooneschadowe located in Stillwater, Oklahoma. This is the only province in Ansteorra as of the group's elevation to this status in 2006. Mooneschadowe is located in the Northern Region of Ansteorra.

Founding / History

  • In September 1978 (A.S. XIII), William Blackfox attended a wargaming convention at OSU and introduced a number of students to the SCA.
  • By April of 1979 (A.S. XIII), the Incipient Shire of Mona Sceaduw was formed.
  • By September 1979 (A.S. XIV), Mona Sceaduw was formally recognized as a Shire.
  • After many years of hard work and numerous events, in January 2006 (A.S. XL), Mooneschadowe became a Province!


  • AS XV - (Jan. 1981), the name Mona Sceaduw and the device, Sable, in pale a sun eclipsed argent and a laurel wreath, a chief Or, were registered with the College of Heralds.
  • AS XIX - (Jun. 1984), name was officially changed to Mooneschadowe. We tried to register the "bullethole" badge but it failed.
  • AS XXIII - (Nov. 1988), a different concept on the bulltehole badge - failure again.
  • AS XXVI - (Jul. 1991), device change to: Sable, a sun argent, eclipsed sable, and on a chief Or, a laurel wreath sable. At the same time we registered our first badge: (Fieldless) A lion-dragon statant contourny Or.
  • AS XXIX - (Apr. 1995), tried a third time for a bullethole badge -- epic failure.
  • AS XXX - (Jan. 1996), 2nd badge: (Fieldless) A peacock in its pride proper.


A Timeline of the Shire and Province of Mooneschadowe


Will update with photos, mottoes/translation, dimensions, and dates as I get to it.

MOG Minster

  • Belongs to Master Oxlade; on de facto loan to the Province of Mooneschadowe.
  • Designed by Ox with decorative elements reminiscent of Westminster Abbey.
  • Inspired by a trip to England by Ox, Maggie, and Rhiannon.

Honor and Glory

These two pavilions were purchased, designed, and painted at about the same time and are similarly sized, so they have many commonalities, including the pool of mottoes that were painted along their edges.


  • Dimensions: 26'x20'
  • Larger of the two
  • Often used for Listmistresses at Triumphe. Was used for the Kitchen at Gulf War before we got Charity.


  • Dimensions: 20'x16'
  • Smaller of the two
  • Often used for Waterbearing at Triumphe.


This is the list of mottoes that were collected for Honor and Glory when we were getting ready to decorate them.

  • Master Oxlade's translations
    • quo officium et gloria ducunt - Where duty and glory lead
    • quis nos seperabit? - Who shall separate us?
    • honos onus habet - Honor has a burden. or Honor holds a burden.
    • numquam sine honore - Never without honor
    • communi consento - By common consent
    • hic comitas regit - Kindness reigns here
    • gloria umbra virtuitis - Glory is the shadow of virtue
  • Mistress Rhiannon's translations
    • una voce - With one voice
    • nihil virtutem habet sine honore - Nothing has worth without honor
    • ubi congredimur, ibi est gaudium - Where we gather, there is joy
    • Honoro Gloria et Harmonia - With honor, glory and harmony
  • Challenge! We wanted a specific phrase, so Ox and Rhiannon both attempted a translation:
    • English: By his claws can you judge the LionDragon
    • Rhiannon: Unguibus leodraconem iudicares potes (this one was used)
    • Ox: Per eius ungues leodraconem poses iudicare (this one was not used)


  • Round.
  • Designed by Oxlade.
  • Used for Children's Activities for awhile, but the ropes were inconvenient.
  • Donated to the Shire of Adlersruhe.


  • Square.
  • Designed by Charles.
  • Used for Gate at Triumphe and the Kitchen at Gulf War.