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==Provincial Events==
==Provincial Events==
* [[Events Held By Mooneschadowe]]
* [[Events Held By Mooneschadowe]]
* [[Mooneschadowe Guardian]] and [[Mooneschadowe Triumphe]]
* [[Mooneschadowe Guardian | Mooeschadowe Guardian (retired)]]
* [[Mooneschadowe Triumphe]]
* [[Mooneschadowe Provincial Games]]
* [[Mooneschadowe Provincial Games]]

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This is the page for the Province of Mooneschadowe located in Stillwater, Oklahoma. This is the only Province in Ansteorra, as of the group's elevation to this status in 2006. Mooneschadowe is located in the Northern Region of Ansteorra.

Sable, a sun argent, eclipsed sable, and on a chief Or, a laurel wreath sable.

Contact Information

Founding / History

  • By April of 1979 (A.S. XIII), the Incipient Shire of Mona Sceaduw was formed.
  • By September 1979 (A.S. XIV), Mona Sceaduw was formally recognized as a Shire.
  • After many years of hard work and numerous events, in January 2006 (A.S. XL), Mooneschadowe became a Province!


  • AS XV - (Jan. 1981), the name Mona Sceaduw and the device, Sable, in pale a sun eclipsed argent and a laurel wreath, a chief Or, were registered with the College of Heralds.
  • AS XIX - (Jun. 1984), name was officially changed to Mooneschadowe. We tried to register the "bullethole" badge but it failed.
  • AS XXIII - (Nov. 1988), a different concept on the bulltehole badge - failure again.
  • AS XXVI - (Jul. 1991), device change to: Sable, a sun argent, eclipsed sable, and on a chief Or, a laurel wreath sable. At the same time we registered our first badge: (Fieldless) A lion-dragon statant contourny Or.
  • AS XXIX - (Apr. 1995), tried a third time for a bullethole badge -- epic failure.
  • AS XXX - (Jan. 1996), 2nd badge: (Fieldless) A peacock in its pride proper.


Timeline and History

Provincial Events

Tools and Resources