Mooneschadowe's Mock Court

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I had a "wild hair" before Triumphe VI and wanted to figure out the best Latin approximation for this phenomenon. The best Vailathai (our resident Latin scholar) could come up with was: Stulti Cors.

Mock Court Traditions

This tradition is meant to be an Orientation:

  • Primarily for "old newbies" (ie, who have been around but may not have ever been to Triumphe)
  • For the rest of us to remember how the Triumphe Processional works
  • For "new newbies" (Demo recruits) to a VERY limited degree

I'm not sure how far back the tradition goes, but Rhiannon Redwulf once asked during Guardian event planning if the Mock Court could be combined with a regular Populace meeting to streamline the process. I think both would lose some vital characteristics if that were done, but it's a nice idea!

Mock Court Jobs

  • King (often a pretty girl) and Queen (often a hairy-faced boy)
  • Herald - Makes sure we cover all the important points including: Calling people by their correct titles, following standard protocol
  • Narrator - Interrupts what’s going on to explain what’s happening for people who may not know.
  • Scribe - Makes fun scrolls ahead of time (can be made on a free certificate generator).