Mooneschadowe's Mock Court

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I had a "wild hair" before Triumphe VI and wanted to figure out the best Latin approximation for this phenomenon. The best Vailathai (our resident Latin scholar) could come up with was: Stulti Cors.

Mock Court Traditions

This tradition is meant to be an Orientation

  • For "old newbies" (ie, who have been around but may not have ever been to Triumphe)
  • For the rest of us to remember how the Triumphe Processional works
  • Not as much for "new newbies" (Demo recruits)

I'm not sure how far back the tradition goes, but Rhiannon Redwulf once asked during Guardian event planning if the Mock Court could be combined with a regular Populace meeting to streamline the process. I think both would lose some vital characteristics if that were done, but it's a nice idea!

Mock Court Jobs

  • King (often a pretty girl) and Queen (often a hairy-faced boy)
  • Herald - Makes sure we cover all the important points including: Calling people by their correct titles, following standard protocol
  • Narrator - Interrupts what’s going on to explain what’s happening for people who may not know.
  • Scribe - Makes fun scrolls ahead of time (can be made on a free certificate generator).