Mooneschadowe's Gulf War Camp Kitchen

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The tradition started when then-HL Maggie (Magdelena da Cadamosta) made breakfast (I remember pancakes) for the little camp in the "Ghetto" - two parallel lines of Army half-shelter tents where 7 newbies camped just a little away from the Mooneschadowe Main camp at Gulf Wars XI.
At Gulf Wars XIII and XIV (I missed GW XII), the plan became a little more formalized: Maggie set up her kitchen resources, and she allowed anyone who would bring their own supplies and clean up after themselves to use her grill and tools. That was mostly successful - except for the part where she still usually had to clean everything before she could use it again. Her stuff was primarily only used by other people for breakfast; I think she made her own dinner, and it sounds right in my head that most everyone went to the Food Court most nights.
Ahead of Gulf Wars XV, Aline and Elsa set up a Gmail account: GW15planning (it was invite-only back then - whoa!) so we could collaborate on sending informative emails to new Gulf Wars attendees. I'd have to check the archives to know if that's when we started talking about coordinating food, but that sounds right.

Nitty Gritty Functioning since c. GW 18

  • Breakfast is a la carte.
  • Lunch and Dinner are pre-reserved and paid-in.


Initially, (c. GW 18-21), Sammich Ninjas made sammiches (sometimes to order, sometimes generic) appear after battles so the War-weary fighters could recover more quickly.