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For Gulf War XV in AD 2006, Charles made a plan to recognize fierce demonstrations of teamwork and competence by members of the Liondragon Guard. He commissioned some ribbon and bought tiny "stabby" gear washers (and sewed them together), and gave them as largess for the fighters who particularly impressed him on the field.

Over the years, the details have changed a little but not significantly: each Guard Commander chooses whom he will recognize and honor with public acknowledgement of good work done. Sometimes the good work is strictly armored on the field of battle, and sometimes it encompasses deeds that allow fighters to function in greater efficiency and health.

We purposely do NOT keep a record of who has received Cogs from which commander and for which deeds, because they are all very personal to all parties involved. Recipients are not limited to Mooneschadowe-area residents, but that demographic is the best represented.

Just as the recipients are as unique as the Guard Commanders who choose them, so are the "ribbons" of the honor. The original set were Centurion-ribbon looking: yellow bordered by red, but with a Cog-piece attached to it. The list of who gave what is here: Lion Dragon Guard Captains of Mooneschadowe