List of Jobs to do for a Successful Triumphe!

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NOTE: This is awfully similar to the Timeline Checklist. Will merge those two docs, and will try to think of something else to put here since this is a great link title!

Checklist of Things that Need Done

First: Figure out if the event is going to happen at all. Make sure the Seneschal is aware of the plan. Present the plan to Populace/Officer's. Also, confirm the site.
Second: Establish Autocrats by the end of March for Triumphe (Officer's meetings are good for this).
Third: Establish Feast Stewards as soon as possible: March is best, but Officer's of May is tolerable (for Triumphe).
Fourth: Invite People!
Fifth: Settle and Announce Event Details!
Sixth: And all those other pesky details (Gate, Baskets)

Invite people!

Here is the Kingdom Newsletter information so we can be formally on the Kingdom website and we may have business of a permanent and lasting nature conducted at our event.

Here is the Invitation List for Royals, Champions, and Groups that we want to invite specifically instead of "making" them just read the BlackStar or Mews ad.

Event Details!

To be settled with the authority having juridiction over the site. In the case of Will Rogers Boy Scout Camp, our contact is Ranger Roger. The following are a beginning list of points to address with him.

Several of these points will be relevant enough to the event to include in the Website and/or Site Flier.

Burn Ban Probably won’t be able to use the torches, but Rafe has/can get enough battery ones
Dumpster Cost to empty site trash may be between $150 to $225 but he thinks he can get it down to $150 for us. Need to confirm it will be empty prior to event.
Archery Used to be out by the Fort. If we need square bales, Roger can get us some, with notice.
Parking Not on grass if there's rain; not blocking Roger's access to the hall and utilities.
Admin Building Lock the bathroom Saturday morning. Ask for a key.
Insurance He needs copy of the generic insurance, which will probably only be accessible via Local Seneschal request to the Kingdom Seneschal
New in 2012! Hold Harmless contract signed by Local Seneschal.