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Officers of Mooneschadowe

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Captain Date Started Wars
1 Talen von Marienburg Sep 1996 GW VI
2 Treschen von Asselen July 1997 GW VII
3 Gunhilda Amberstar July 1998 GW VIII
4 Alarich Iarngard von Thorn March 2000 GW IX
5 Angus Gunn January 2001 GW X
6 Oxlade Lachlann MacKinnon October 2001 GW XI
7 Owen ap Aeddan May 2002 GW XII
8 William Lindsay June 2003 GW XIII
Captain Date Started Wars MOG Cog Notes
9 Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe 2005, 2006 GW XIV, GW XV MOG Cog, founding year; both years: Gear Cogs (hardware store variety) with card-woven (by Elsa) ribbons
10 Ollj Perala 2007 GW XVI both years: Pewter Cogs (by Ollj) with card-woven (by Elsa) ribbons
11 Jean Paul de Sens 2008, 2009 GW XVII, GW XVIII both years: Pewter Cogs (by Ollj) with card-woven (by Elsa) ribbons
12 Ludo von Lichtenstein 2010, 2011 GW XIX, GW XX card-woven (by Atia) Bacon Cog; Leather Cog (by Ludo)
13 Nikolaus Aurelius 2012, 2013 GW XXI, GW XXII Placeholder Cog (one of Nik's personal set), later traded for a huge (6" diameter?) bronze piece (by Najat) used as a belt loop (for a belt made by Nik); Picture Frame Cog (by Alexia)
14 Jason of Mooneschadowe 2014, 2015 GW XXIII leather cogwheel; pewter cast cogs
15 William du Lac known as Sky 2016, 2017 GW XXV, GW XXVI tractor gears (Tractor Supply) with a lanyard; aged metal cogs (Etsy) with a lanyard
16 Belguta Batar 2018, 2019 GW XXVII, GW XXVIII sequential sized cogs; Cog-design cabochon button (RenBoots)
17 Turpin Tyme 2020 GW XXIX