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== Affiliations: ==
== Affiliations: ==
* Mother of [[Caer Barnes]]
* Mother of [[Caer Byrnes]]
* Member, [[House Dogwood]]
* Member, [[House Dogwood]]
== Mundane Information: ==
== Mundane Information: ==

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Known As: Liliana Barnes
Previously/Also Known As: Liliana Byrnes
Registered Name:
Current Group: Mooneschadowe
Past Groups:
Joined SCA: 1998
Current Status: Active
Last Seen:
Device Registered?
Badge Registered?
Offices Held:


  • Minister of Children, Province of Mooneschadowe
  • Hospitaler, Province of Mooneschadowe


  • Youth Combat Marshal, Northern Region


  • Deputy Earl Marshal for Youth Combat, Kingdom of Ansteorra
OP Listing: Liliana Byrnes

Persona History:



  • Cooking: Irish, English and Russian as a focus
  • Bardcraft
  • Service: Event Organizating/Stewarding, holding offices, helping others.

Timeline of Activity:

Populace Provided Information:

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:


Mundane Information: