Laws of the Principality of Vindheim, 2021

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PROPOSED Laws of the Principality of Vindheim, Upon Principality Creation, 2021 (Must be ratified and enacted by First Coronet and Crown.)


1.1. The Word of the Coronet is Law, subject only to the Word of the Crown of Ansteorra and the order of precedence established in the governing documents of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (the “SCA”).
1.2. Any proclamation of the Coronet of Vindheim becomes the Law of the Principality from the moment it is spoken by the Coronet at court, subject only to the Word of the Crown of Ansteorra and the order of precedence established in the governing documents of the SCA.
1.3. Until a proclamation of the Coronet has been published in the Principality and Kingdom newsletter, no subject of the Coronet shall be considered to be breaking the law if acting, through ignorance, contrary to that proclamation.
1.4. Only those proclamations of the Coronet approved by the Crown and published in the official Principality and Kingdom newsletter shall become permanent amendments to Principality Law. All other proclamations are understood to be in effect only for the duration of the Coronet's reign, and shall lapse with the investiture of a successor.
1.5. The Kingdom and Principality websites shall maintain the most current version of the Laws, which shall be accepted as published. Principality Law shall not need to be printed to be considered published.
1.6. It is the responsibility of the Principality Seneschal to ensure that any law changes that have been properly approved and proclaimed be published as specified by the governing documents of the SCA.
1.7. Amendments and Proclamations to laws, officer handbooks, and financial policies must also be published in the Principality and Kingdom newsletter before they are fully in effect.
1.8. Awards
1.8.1. Under direction of the Crown of Ansteorra, it shall be the right of the Coronet to distribute such armigerous and Kingdom non-armigerous awards as are specified in Kingdom Law.
1.8.2. It shall be the right of the Coronet to distribute any such Principality non-armigerous awards as may be approved by the Coronet and published in Principality law.


2.1. The Greater Officers of the Principality of Vindheim are the Seneschal, Herald, Earl Marshal, Minister of Arts and Sciences, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and the Chronicler.
2.2. These officers shall have the same duties within the Principality as do their superior officers in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. They shall report to their respective Kingdom Officer. Principality officers are considered deputies of their appropriate Kingdom Officer.
2.2.1. Each officer of the Principality is responsible for encouraging and assisting their subordinate officers in the performance of their required duties to ensure the smooth functioning of the Principality. As part of this responsibility, each officer shall maintain regular communications with their subordinates.
2.2.2. With sufficient evidence that an officer is not fulfilling the duties of that office, the Coronet may petition their Kingdom officer for removal and replacement.
2.3. Each Greater Officer shall appoint one deputy capable of assuming the office at any time. This deputy need not be the permanent replacement in cases where a replacement for the officer is needed. Each officer may appoint deputies to serve specific functions of the office.
2.4. Principality Officers shall follow warranting requirements as outlined in Kingdom Law.


3.1. The Vindheim Coronet Sovereign and Consort shall attain their Coronets in the following manner:
3.1.1. The Sovereign shall have won by combat in a Royal List at a duly authorized Coronet Tournament. The Consort shall have been the inspiration of the Sovereign at that tourney.
3.1.2. Investiture of the Coronet shall occur at the court following the successful conclusion of the Coronet Tournament.
3.2. Coronet Oath.
3.2.1. Upon Investiture, the Vindheim Coronet Sovereign and Consort-elect shall swear their fealty to the people of the Principality of Vindheim, to uphold the laws of the Principality of Vindheim, the Kingdom of Ansteorra, and the Society. That oath shall be given to the reigning Coronet Sovereign and Consort or to the Crown in their place and be witnessed by the Principality Seneschal or their representative and the Principality Earl Marshal or such members of the marshallate and Chivalry of Ansteorra as have witnessed the Coronet lists and shall bear witness to the validity of the claims of the tournament winner and consort.
3.2.2. In recognition of the fact that fealty is a reciprocal oath, and that the Vindheim Coronet Sovereign and Consort are considered by the Coronet oath to be Liege Nobility to each and every subject of Vindheim, the following shall be the rights of every subject of Vindheim as granted by the Coronet and law: The Right of Complaint to the Coronet. It shall be the right of every subject of Vindheim to address grievances directly to the Coronet, as outlined in the Society Grievances procedures.


4.1. Coronet Tournaments.
4.1.1. There shall be two Coronet Tournaments a year, held approximately the third weekend in June and second weekend in December. The Coronet Investitures shall be held at the court following the tournament. Dates shall be announced at the first of each year. The locations shall be rotated throughout the region, with any group eligible to place bids.
4.1.2. Coronet Tournaments locations shall be selected using the priority bid system described in Sections 4.2.5 and 4.2.6.
4.1.3. Branches wishing to host a Coronet event must submit a written bid to the Coronet, Principality Exchequer, and Principality Seneschal. This bid must provide the specifics of event steward, date, location, and accommodations for the List and Investiture. Final bid approval shall be verified by the Coronet who shall be reigning during the event.
4.1.4. The following points shall be considered with regard to bids: Any group within the Principality that meets Society, Kingdom, and Principality Law for hosting a fighting event may place a bid. Bids, once accepted, can only be changed by agreement of the Coronet, the Seneschal, the hosting branch, and the event steward except as may be necessary to meet Society, Kingdom, or Principality law.
4.1.5. A branch that has not held a Coronet event in as many times as there are eligible branches may submit a bid that asserts priority. In the case of multiple priority bids, the branch that has not held a Coronet event in the longest time shall receive higher priority. A priority bid that meets the standards set forth in these Laws shall be strongly considered in preference to any other bid. The final decision for the winning bid shall rest with the Principality Financial Committee. Groups below the level of Barony and Province shall receive priority for bids ahead of Baronies and Provinces.
4.1.6. For purposes of priority, new groups shall be counted as if they held the Coronet event immediately prior to their establishment. In the case that this creates a tie for priority, the event shall be awarded to the new group.
4.1.7. The Principality Seneschal shall have primary responsibility for working with the hosting branch. The event steward of the Coronet event shall be responsible to the Principality Seneschal, who is in turn responsible to the Coronet in all matters involving the Coronet Tourney and Investiture. Any decision to replace the appointed event steward shall be made by the Principality Seneschal after consultation with the Coronet.
4.2. Conduct of Combat
4.2.1. All authorized Vindheim Armoured Fighters have the right to petition to compete in the Coronet Lists of the Principality of Vindheim unless they are in violation of the rules of the lists, the Bylaws or governing documents of the Society, or the laws of the Principality or Kingdom. All Entrants must be acceptable to the Coronet of Vindheim and Crown of Ansteorra.
4.2.2. By entering the Coronet Lists, the Entrants declare their loyalty to the Coronet, the Principality Laws, the Populace of Vindheim, and the Crown of Ansteorra.
4.2.3. Requirement for entry into the list are: All competitors and their prospective consorts must hold a valid membership with the SCA, Inc. on the day of the Coronet Tournament, and maintain their membership throughout their reign to be deemed acceptable to compete. Proof of membership must be presented to the Principality Seneschal when registering for the tournament. Entrants must have physically resided in and participated on a regular basis in the Principality during the most recent 12 months. Regular participation shall be defined as attendance at three or more published activities, such as: fighter practices, local events, officer, or guild meetings. Entrants must agree to reside in the Principality for the duration of their reign. Entrants must be acclaimed by a Principality Officer as being acceptable to enter the list. The Competitor’s consort must be present at the tournament.
4.2.4. Each fighter, by entering the Coronet Lists, declares that should they prove victorious, they shall be invested in the court following the Coronet Lists and be able to attend the following Coronet Tournament and the Investiture of their successor, for no one shall compete for the Coronet of Vindheim without intending to win. Each competitor entering the Coronet Lists shall fight for a prospective consort. The competitor shall name the prospective consort should they win. This person shall be willing and able to attend their Investiture, the following Coronet Tournament, and the Investiture of their successor.
4.2.5. The conduct of combat, rules of the lists, and the requirements for arms and armor shall be exactly as stated in the laws of the Kingdom of Ansteorra except that the Coronet, and the Earl Marshal of the Principality shall act in the place of the Crown and Kingdom Earl Marshal where so stated. The final responsibility for the lists shall rest with the Principality Earl Marshal.
4.2.6. Letters of intent to participate in the Coronet Tournament shall be required and must be submitted to the Coronet and to the Principality Seneschal. A list of combatants shall be created and published via email or other official methods of communication prior to the Tournament. In this communication the Coronet shall also announce the format for the coming Tournament.
4.3. Succession.
4.3.1. The Competitor and Consort who achieves victory in the Coronet Tournament shall be the successors.(See Section 3).
4.3.2. No Competitor or Consort may succeed themselves.
4.3.3. If, during the reign, a single Coronet is unable or unwilling to continue the reign, the position shall remain vacant for the remainder of the reign.
4.3.4. Should both the Vindheim Coronets for any reason whatsoever be unable or unwilling to complete their reign, the Crown of Ansteorra shall fulfill the role of Coronet until a Coronet Tournament can be scheduled.


5.1. Elevation of any branch to the status of Barony or Province shall be in accord with the Laws of the Kingdom of Ansteorra and the governing documents of the SCA, Inc. However, the petition for such status may be forwarded through the Coronet of Vindheim and the Principality Seneschal to the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal.
5.2. A new branch below the level of Barony or Province may be founded within the Principality when such a proposed branch has met the requirements set forth in Ansteorra and Society Law, when approved by the Society Seneschal, and when such a proposed branch shall find favor with the Coronet of Vindheim, and be granted existence by the Crown of Ansteorra.


6.1. Any Principality events, up to two per reign, which are accepted and placed on the calendar, shall receive priority over any other events in scheduling.
6.2. If the event is sponsored by a branch, all financial obligations and profits and/or losses are handled according to Principality Financial Policy.


7.1. Whenever possible, the autocrat shall be responsible for defining a designated smoking area, as convenient as is reasonably possible. This is not intended to restrict smoking in private encampments or across a site in general, except as required per the site itself.