Order of the Laurel

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A laurel wreath has been the symbol of victory, or excellence, dating from ancient Greece. It is still used as in that form today, and often adorns modern trophies and medallions.

The Order of the Laurel is one of the Peerages, equal in standing with the Knights, Pelicans, and Royal Peers.

How do you become one?

It is the highest award given in the SCA for excellence in the Arts and Sciences.

In order to become a Laurel, the candidate must;

Excerpt from the Corpora
Members of the Order of the Laurel may choose to swear fealty, but are not required to do so. The candidate must have attained the standard of excellence in skill and/or knowledge equal to that of his or her prospective peers in some area of the Arts or Sciences. The candidate must have applied this skill and/or knowledge for the instruction of members and service to the kingdom to an extent above and beyond that normally expected of members of the Society.

What are the duties of a Laurel?

Laurels attempt to inspire others to create beautiful and authentic works by teaching and example.

From the Corpora
The duties of the members of the order are as follows:

  • To set an example of courtesy and chivalrous conduct.
  • To respect the Crown of the kingdom; to support and uphold the laws of the kingdom and Corpora.
  • If in fealty, to support and uphold the Crown of his or her kingdom.
  • To enrich the kingdom by sharing his or her knowledge and skills.
  • To advise the Crown on the advancement of candidates for the Laurel.

Do they have reserved regalia?

The green laurel wreath is reserved for members of the order. They might wear one around their head in the form of a coronet, or embroidered on a cap. The laurel might be included anywhere on their clothing. Most newly minted members of the order are given or handed down a medallion bearing it's symbol when they are raised to the peerage.

What is the proper form of address for a Laurel?

Members of the Order of the Laurel are referred to as Master, or Mistress. When written the name of the Laurel might be followed by OL.

Who are our Laurels?