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The artists of our Kingdom have spent hundreds of hours creating works of beauty for our Kingdom Champions. Herein is information on the current and past pass-down regalia of our Kingdom Champions.

Queen's Champion

King's Champion

Queen's Blade of Honor

King's Blade of Chivalry

Guardian of the Queen's Hope

Guardian of the King's Dream:


Royal Lancer

Royal Huntsman

Bow of the Royal Huntsman

Created by Johanna Buchanan, this German claplock hunting crossbow was based on designs from the late 16th century. It is crafted of cherry wood, with ebony, bone, and yellowheart accents. The cheekpiece and binding block are ambrosia maple. It was crafted in April and May of 2019 and presented to the 81st Crown, Vladislav and Margaret, during Steppes Warlord in May of 2019.

Middle Eastern Dance Champion

Kingdom Artisan

Royal Blade