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| photocaption =  
| photocaption =  
| location = [[Graywood]]  
| location = [[Graywood]]  
| regname= [ Kilian Macraith]  
| regname= [ Kilian Macraith]  
| status = Active
| status = Active
| joindate = 1991
| joindate = 1991

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Kilian MacRaith Portrait.jpg
Registered Name: Kilian Macraith
Resides: Graywood
Status: Active
Joined SCA: 1991
Order of Precedence
Kilian MacRaith of the Ironshell
Kilian MacRaith Achievement.jpg
Quarterly argent and vert, a Celtic cross counterchanged between two tortoises vert.

Honorable Lord Kilian MacRaith of the Ironshell, Chief of Clan MacRaith

Nickname(s): Turtle
Previously Known As:

Other Registered Heraldry


Mantling 1: Vert
Mantling 2: Argent
Helm: Norse ocular helm facing affronty - black with a gold ocular
Crest: Demi-Tortoise with a brown shell, maintaining in its dexter claw a shamrock vert and in its sinister claw a thistle proper.
Motto: Testudo Virtus


  • Local Offices Held
    • Chronicler, Shire of Graywood (x2)
    • Knight Marshal, Shire of Graywood (x2)
    • Herald, Shire of Rosenfeld
  • Regional Offices held
    • Knight Marshal, Central Region
  • Kingdom Offices Held

Persona History:

I've sorta got two of them. One's an early period Irish Celt a few years before the reign of Brian Boru. The other's a Highland Jacobite Ranger that shows up when I want to wear all my fancy stuff.


  • Chivalric Combat (Me am Stick Jock!)
  • Cut & Thrust (I'll get around to doing it soon)
  • Weapons Construction
  • Celtic and Medieval Art (Heck, Art in ANY form or fashion)
  • Bookbinding
  • Poetry
  • Smithing
  • Celtic History/Mythology
  • Archery
  • Woodworking
  • Leathercraft
  • Axe/Knife throwing
  • Puns
  • Making a general nuisance of myself

Timeline of Activity:

Prior Groups

Populace Provided Information:

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

  • Assisted in the construction of the Gulf Wars Ansteorran Gate.
  • Runner-up in the Order of the Rose Tourney at Gulf Wars XII (2003)
  • 5th place in the Knowne World Squire’s Tournament (2003)
  • Helped bring the Shire of Graywood back to life.
  • Commander of the Coastal Army.
  • Warchief of Graywood (6 times)
  • Champion of Clan MacRaith (6 times)
  • War of the Rams VI Tournament of Children Chivalric Champion (2017) (They didn't let us actually fight kids.)
  • Artisan of Graywood (Twice)

Non-Armigerous Awards and Recognitions

  • Poniard of Bordermarch (1991)
  • William Blackfox award (2007)
  • Silver Pine of Graywood (2017)
  • William Blackfox Award (2017)


  • Chieftain of Clan MacRaith
  • Married to Melanie Scott (...and very proud of that fact.)

Mundane Information:

Contact: Facebook: John D. Scott Owner-Operator at Studio TurtlewurX and Highlander Signs. Heavily involved with the Mandalorian Mercs CC charity group. One of the founding members of the Clan MacRaith Motorcycle Association.

In Case of Court

Special Needs