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Registered Name: Ivo Blackhawk
Resides: Wiesenfeuer
Status: Active
Joined SCA: November 1997
Order of Precedence
Ivo Blackhawk
Ivo device.jpg
Argent, two chevronels gules and overall an eagle displayed sable.

Honorable Lord Ivo Blackhawk

Previously Known As:
Nickname(s): Ivo
Pronouns: He/Him

Additional Registered Heraldry:


  • Local Offices Held
    • Deputy Herald (voice), Shire/Province of Mooneschadowe, 2000-2010
    • Local Hospitaler, 2002-2003
    • Deputy Court herald, Barony of Namron, 2009-2010
    • Deputy Court herald, Barony of Northkeep, 2009-2011
    • Deputy Local Minister of Arts & Sciences, Mooneschadowe, 2009-2012
    • Deputy Archery Marshal, Mooneschadowe, 2014-2015
    • Local Minister of Arts & Sciences, 2014-2015
    • Local Archery Marshal, 2015-2018
    • Deputy to the Seneschal, Barony of Wiesenfeuer, (2021-present)
  • Regional Offices Held
    • Deputy Northern Regional Herald 2008-2009
    • Northern Regional Herald 2009-2010
  • Kingdom Offices Held
    • Kingdom Deputy for Submitter Relations (Deputy to Star Principle Herald) 2015-2018

Persona History:

Ivo Blackhawk was born to northerren English gentry during the latter part of the reign of Henry VI of England. Schooled in the sciences, history, numbers and the military arts by his father, he left his home in England in in 1470 and traveled through France before his travels brought him to the Shire of Mooneschadowe, in the Kingdom of Ansteorra in AS 32 to continue his studies.


In AS 43, Ivo began syndication of the Blackfeather News, a free-to-air podcast highlighting news and events across the northern region. The show ran from 2008 until the middle of 2009 with strong listenership and positive feedback from local, kingdom and even some international listeners. It was ended when mundane considerations necessitated his cancellation.

Ivo had established himself as one of the predominant site and list heralds in the principality of Vindheim, in Ansteorra. He has personally walked over a hundred miles over the course of his heraldic career, covering campsites for almost every group in the north at one point or another. He has cried for multiple crowns across three kingdoms, cried courts for multiple Baronies, and over a hundred populace meetings. As a list herald, he has called tournaments in three kingdoms, including Ansteorra's 30th year's rapier tournaments, and the 2013 Gulf War Roses rapier tournament, with over 150 entrants. Ivo has professional alliances that cross into Calontir, Gleann Abhann, Meredies, Trimaris and Atlantia. He presently teaches List and site heraldry as the local, kingdom, and interkingdom levels in an ongoing effort to expand the skill set.

In 2019, Ivo conducted a series of interviews at three northern events in an effort to help promote the local personalities in the region. The series, titled "From a kingdom of hero's comes..." presented the interviews to the public a few weeks later, and they remain published on Ivo's YouTube channel, "the Hawks Nest".

In 2021, during the waning months of the pandemic, Ivo began production of a new web series titled "lets talk" where he would briefly highlight SCA specific topics. The series, released on a weekly basis, is still in production.

Timeline of Activity:

In AS 33 Ivo met Lord Alarich Iarngard von Thorn, and later that year was made Man-at-arms to the same. Alarich served as mentor, teacher, council and friend for close to five years before both he and Ivo mutually agreed to end the formal relationship.

From AS 34 to AS 37, Ivo served as a shieldmen with the Liondragon Guard, serving in five campaigns, including two Gulf Wars and three Battles of the Three Kings. In late AS 34, Ivo met Lillias MacGuffin, born of north central Scotland, and began courting her shortly thereafter, he would propose to her outside of court at Wiesenfeuer Baronial the following year, and the two married at Wasteland Games in September of AS 37.

In AS 35 he was presented with his Award of Arms by HE Sigen Fridreksdottir at court at Mooneschadowe Guardian. Three months later, at Wiesenfeuer Baronial, Ivo was again recognized, this time presented with a Sable Thistle in Bardcraft after making a strong northern showing in several bardic circles and local competitions, especially in story telling with an emphasis in military history.

After returning from Gulf Wars 13, Ivo resigned his enlistment in the guard and stored his military uniform for the last time.

Between AS 34 and AS 39, Ivo became active in local voice heraldry, stepping into the role of unofficial voice herald for the monthly shire populace meetings. This also included early working with list heraldry in Northkeep, Wiesenfeuer, Mooneschadowe and Namron, especially with the rapier community.

From AS 39 to AS 43, Ivo quickly moved into a heavy focus on voice heraldry, becoming a regular and expected herald as list fields across the north of the kingdom while still continuing to call populace meetings for the province of Mooneschadowe in the local groups traditional “court” format. It was during this time that Ivo was first fully exposed to royal court heraldry, and was given the chance to meet current and past Golden Staff Heralds, including HL Druinne de Salesberie during her tenure as Golden Staff for TRM Romanius Vesperianus and Deanna della Penna (56th Crown of Ansteorra). Over the course of one weekend, Druinne laid out the basics needed to get into royal court heraldry, and highlighted in no vague terms why Mooneschadowe would never be able to provide the training an aspiring royal court herald would need.

AS 40, specifically, was a busy year for Ivo. The shire of Mooneschadowe had pressed ahead with its intent to become a Province, and with this came a host of additional activities and self-imposed higher standards for the shire so that they would be confident when under the scrutiny of those in the kingdom leadership reluctant to grant their petition.

The end of AS 40 saw Ivo and Lillias welcome a son to their family, a member who would soon become a staple sight in their travels across the north. From As 40 to AS 41, Ivo and his wife would go on to take part in the dedicated effort that would ultimately lead to the elevation of Mooneschadowe to become the Kingdom’s only Province.

In AS 41, Ivo was named Bardic champion of the Barony of Wiesenfeuer after prevailing in its annual competition. He would go on to serve the Barony as it’s champion performing artist and bardic ambassador until the next year, when the title and regalia was turned over to Lord Lucas Mor Mac Raghnaill.

Refocusing his efforts almost entirely on heraldry around this time, Ivo began a dedicated pattern of travel that would see him attend four populace meetings a month in Namron, Wiesenfeuer, Northkeep and Mooneschadowe, from AS AS 43 to early AS 45, when health considerations, and then finances, compelled him to par back his travels. Parallel to this time, Ivo was named Protégé to Master Robert Fitzmorgan, OP. The formal announcement was made in September of AS 43, at Mooneschadowe's third Provincial Event. The relationship would endure for several years until Robert retired from the society. While both are still close friends, Ivo and Robert agreed that the protege relationship should be brought to a close.

In As 43, Ivo’s work in heraldry across the north was recognized by HRM Vanessa de Verona, with a Sable Crane given on the list field between rounds at Northkeep’s Castellan XIV. In September of As 45, his service to the Barony of Northkeep was also recognized, when HE Ian Dun Gillan and HE Kelandra Carmichael presented him with a Caistael Cridhe, Northkeep’s baronial service award. Ivo is currently the only non-resident of Northkeep to hold the award, and additionally, his medallion is the first given with a legacy to its name.

In 2013, Ivo travelled to the then Ansteorran hosted Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium, where he would first meet Alexander Ravenscroft, the War herald for Gulf Wars. After Ravenscroft attended Ivo's site heraldry class, he would go on to offer Ivo a leading roll in reconstituting site heraldry at Gulfwars. Ivo would serve as deputy Site herald for two wars, and would go on be the principal coordinating site herald for the Gulf Wars site for three more years before resigning the roll in 2018. Also in 2018, Master Alexander Ravenscroft, of Meredies, would offer Ivo protegeship to himself, a relationship that was formalized before the Queen of Ansteorra on Wednesday of that war.
Ivo resided in Mooneschadowe for almost a quarter century before traveling south, to new residences in the Barony of Wiesenfeuer in AS 56, during the reign of Jason III and Margherita III.
In July of 2021, Ivo would be presented a Sable Thistle for his work in carpentry, including production of a dozen loaner looms, donated to the Barony of Wiesenfeuer's A&S officer.

Prior Groups:

Populace Provided Information:

Ophelia Warde

Ivo teaches an amazing class-Intro to Ansteorra! He drove 2 hours to teach a Newcomer Class for Namron! The class was at 7/30 pm! He’s taught Heraldry classes and Videography stories of members of Ansteorra. He likes to Volunteer and is often seen helping at gate. He’s a very knowledgeable and intelligent gentlemen!

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

  • Site and Lyst heraldry work
    • Mooneschaodwe Guardian (Site, Lyst) 1999-2005
    • Wiesenfeueer Baronial (Site, Lyst) 1998-2012
    • Wiesenfeuer Yule Revel (Site) 1998-2019
    • Namron Protectorate (Site, Lyst) 1998-2008
    • Namron Beltane (Site) 1999-2015
    • Northkeep Castelane (Site) 1999-present
    • Northkeep Winter Kingdom (Site) 1999-present
    • Ansteorran Crown Tournament (Lyst) 2009
    • Tournament of Valor (Calontir) (site), 2010-2011

Gulf Wars, 2014
Tournament of Champions (*Lead Lyst Herald)
Cancer Fundraiser Tournament (lyst)
Diamond Tournament (*Lead Lyst Herald)
Ansteorran Roses Tournament (*Lead Lyst Herald)

Gulf Wars, 2015
Tournament of Champions (lyst)
Ansteorran Roses Tournament (*Lead Lyst Herald)

Personal Heraldic Services (selection)
Freelance Armory and Name herald 2013-15, 2018-Present
Personal Herald for HL Randal Lee, Introduction to Crown Tournament, Summer 2009
Personal Herald for Sir Lochlan and HL Gwen, Crown Tournament, Summer 2009
Personal Herald for TRM Eldamere, Nigel and Adrael, GW opening ceremonies, 2014
Personal Herald for HE Master Dolan Mardoc, GW archery shoot, 2014
Personal Herald for Mistress Deana De la Penna, Elevation to Laurel, 2017
Personal Herald for Mushir Abd al-Mahdi Jamal ibn Hakim, Elevation to MoD, 2018
Personal Herald for Master Elric Dracwin, Elevation to MoD, 2021

Non-Armigerous Awards and Recognitions:

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Class Resources:


  • Married to Lillias MacGuffin
  • Prior Man-at-Arms to Alarich Iarngard von Thorn
  • Former Protege to Robert Fitzmorgan
  • Current protege to Master Alexander Ravenscroft, of Meridies.
  • Ivo was also one of the founding members of House Dogwood, an alliance of three families centred around service and the arts within the north of the kingdom. As part of the household, he had contributed to cooking and service efforts as local and regional events, and traveled across the kingdom and into Calontir. Ivo's affiliation with Dogwood concluded in 2017, though the household has continued on.

Mundane Information:

Special Needs:

In Case of Court: