Iris of Merit

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The Order of the Iris of Merit of Ansteorra is a Grant Level award given in the Kingdom of Ansteorra for exceptional work in the arts and sciences.


There shall exist in Ansteorra an order unto which the Crown shall select persons who have demonstrated all of the following qualities:

  • outstanding work in the arts and sciences, well above that which is expected of the citizens of Ansteorra;
  • Knowledge of the courtly graces; and
  • who have shown consistent respect for the laws and customs of Ansteorra.

This Order shall be known as the Order of the Iris of Merit of Ansteorra.

Companions of the order are entitled place the initials CIM after their names and to be styled and announced in procession as "Companion of the Iris of Merit of Ansteorra” and to wear a ribbon tinctured in the spectrum of a natural rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet) about either shoulder.


Companions of the Order shall take precedence after all nobility and peerage and before simple Grants of Rank. The Order of the White Scarf, Star of Merit, Iris of Merit, Centurions of the Sable Star, Arc d'Or of Ansteorra, and Golden Lance of Ansteorra are held to be of equal precedence.


The Order of the Iris of Merit was created by the 1st Crown, Jonathan and Willow, XIV (1979).