Ian Dun Gillan

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Ian Dun Gillan & Kelandra Carmichael, photo by Diarmait ua Dhuinn
Registered Name: (Not Registered)
Resides: Northkeep
Status: Active
Joined SCA: Prior to 1990
Order of Precedence
Ian dun Gillan

Per pale sable and checky argent and sable, a sun in splendor and on a chief or three mullets sable. (Not Registered)

His Excellency, Baron Ian dun Gillan

Previously Known As:
Pronouns: He/Him

Additional Registered Heraldry:


  • Regional Offices Held
    • Seneschal, Northern Region of Ansteorra
    • Hospitaler, Northern Region of Ansteorra
  • Kingdom Offices Held
    • Hospitaler, Kingdom of Ansteorra

Persona History:

16th Century Scottish born on the isle of Uist, the eldest son of a huntsman and a cook. Ian was fostered off to a cousin who was married to an ambassador. After some travel, he moved to Edinburgh to marry and practice cartography.


  • Cartography
  • Limning
  • Metal work

(There just isn't much in the SCA that I don't have at the least a passing fancy with.)

Timeline of Activity:

Memories of Song: October 2007

(Reposted with permission from [this Northkeep email list post.)

This last weekend at the revel after the demo I was able to take part in something that does not happen much anymore...some group singing. Master Beorhtlic, HL Damon, Centurion Angus Gunn, Lady Zahava, and Lady Adalia and her daughter were all standing off by the fire together at different times singing. Those few songs we shared by the fire were pieces of the SCA that I have not seen of late, pieces that for me brought back many bittersweet memories.

I remember standing in the dell around the bonfire at Lilies II, it was at the Pavel party where we all drank Pavel beer and Sir Eric Loadaoxen (sp) played the guitar. That night was pure magic as the Calontir folk sang the old traditional songs with one voice coming from one hundred mouths.

I remember when Svea Wartooth with tears streaming down his cheeks said good-bye to his lady in the torrents of the bonfire at Khans Birthday, and afterwards the tales and songs of the Great Dark Horde that were given to honor her passing that wore away the night and welcomed the dawn.

I remember falling asleep at my first inner kingdom peace with the howls from camp Wolfstar keeping up with the beating of the drums till they scared off the night and roused the sun at dawn.

I remember setting near Kendra Kenmare in the light of the smoldering torches in the backyard of Kevin and Keigan's house as Master William Blackfox told us stories, and Mistress Catherine and Mistress Alanna sang together.

I remember in the darkest deepest night at a Castellan fire a long time ago at the camp in the glade where, the then, Lord Beorhtlic and myself sat singing songs in the company of Thorgrim and others who were our friends.

I remember Kevin and I singing songs with Facon, Beorhtlic, and Malcolm at a revel in a shelter near Lake Keystone..and Kevin reminding me that I could not carry a tune but how it did not matter so long as I sang along with my whole heart.

I remember seeing a pretty little Teresita de la Ferro smiling under her glasses at a then long haired lan across the campfire at Castellan IV while Facon sang filk songs and everyone huddled together under shared cloaks for warmth.

I remember Owen, Jean Paul and I getting thrown out the Ansteorran Royal Pavilion at Gulf War almost a decade ago for singing too loudly.

I remember these and oh so many more nights where people raised their voices in song. For me it was in the night around those campfires hearing those songs that the magic of this dream came to life. I miss those days. We should plan to have a revel some time soon where that kind of thing can happen again where we who have been at this for so long and are sometimes weary can tell our tales and sing the old songs and pass on that part of the SCA to those who were not there to live among those whose deeds are now legends in tales or to hear the old songs belted forth by many voices.

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Populace Provided Information:

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

  • 3rd Baron of Northkeep
  • Prior Principle of the Order of the Lion's Paw of Kenmare
  • Artisan of Chemin Noir (2004)
  • Artisan of Northkeep (2004)
  • Premiere Cartographer of the Wastelands (2003)

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Mundane Information:

Email: [1]

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