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I'm no Expert on this but I do think I have got people pages down.

My People Pages seek to have the following -

A Persona Description including the players main interests, current titles, and past titles.

A Picture

Any personal sca related websites that person owns or manages.

The Category so that the page is placed in the right Category.

I have been creating pages by making links that I know do not exist. For example the the Steppes page had a ton of tables with peoples names. Wiki is incredibly expandable in that all you have to do to make a page for an item is make that word or phrase a link. TO CREATE A LINK YOU ADD " [ [ " to the front and " ] ] " to the end WITHOUT the quotation marks (") and spaces. Once a link is created and the edit saved the link will show as red - meaning that there is a page waiting to be created for this word or phrase. To edit that page all you have to do is click the red link and Wiki will take you directly to the edit for that page. TO ACCESS THE EDIT FEATURE ON AN EXISTING PAGE - select the "Edit" tab at the top of the page.

Adding a Picture

Once you log into Wiki you may notice that you have an extra box at in the left side bar called "toolbox". To add a picture to wiki you have to first upload it to wiki. In order to do this click on "Upload File" and follow Wiki's instructions. Once the File is uploaded wiki will give you a page with that file on it. It should look something like this Vyolante's Picture. To add an image to the page simply type " [ [ Image:Imgaename.extension ] ] " for example " [ [ Image:vyolante.jpg ] ] " (again WITHOUT quotation marks and spaces).

Adding Links

To add a link you type in [ link title ] (minus the double space between "[" & "]" and the letters directly next to them.

Adding Sections

To add a section simply surrond the section name with double equal signs "==" - these sections can now be edited separately or with the rest of the page.


Adding a Category to a page is very simple! It doesn't matter where you put the line of code - but I tend to put it at the very bottom of the page with my table code. To add a People page to the People category include " [ [ Category: People ] ] " maintaining spaces between Category and People only. According to wiki you can put in Category: People, Fish, Bread, Dogs and all of them will work. I haven't tried that though. :) (Edited to note: Unfortunately, this does not work. Each category should be listed separately. - Zubeydah)

I hope this helps more then it hinders and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at

--Vyolante 17:44, 1 June 2010 (UTC)