Guardian of the Gauntlet

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The Guardian of the Gauntlet is an occasional rapier tournament held in Ansteorra. When it was started, it was intended to be a grand, kingdom-wide tournament that was not tied to the championship of a particular group.

The winner gets bragging rights for the tournament, a fancy gauntlet, and the responsibility of holding the next tournament. There is no set schedule for when it is held, but typically it's one to three years after the previous one. These days it usually gets held in conjunction with some other, non-fighting event.

This is a list of the Guardians:

Tivar Moondragon (Note that I've never actually won this tournament, but I was given the right gauntlet at the initial Guardian tournament; the winner got the left one, thus some folks include me in the list of holders of the Gauntlet.)

(Original page contained a broken image link here.) Photo Caption: The first two Guardians: Tivar Moondragon and Simonn of Amber Isle. In the background are Don Eldric and Lady Zinaida, who ran the first tournament, flanked by Dona Gwenllian and Don Alaric.

Simonn of Amber Isle

Conor Drummond

Ericus the Silverhand

Alaric Greythorn of Glen Mor

Eule von Haginbald

Hans Duerrmast von der Wanderlust

Sebastian Eton Frobishire

Aeron Harper

Thorland O'Shea

Brendan McEwen

Pieter Rausch

Modius von Mergentheim

Dyryke Stanley

Avery Shaw

Ingrid of York

Christian Jerome Dore

John Drake

Mateo Montero de Madrid

Miguel Vaello de Villa Joiosa

Havaar Ericsson

(NOTE: This page from replicated with the authorization of Aethelyn Moondragon, 05/11/21. It is taken from a Wayback Machine imaging of Tivar's website dated August 15, 2020.)