Francisca Sastre de Arellano

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Registered Name: (not yet Registered)
Resides: Bryn Gwlad
Status: Active
Joined SCA: 2011
Order of Precedence
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"Quarterly sable and gules, in canton a sun Or eclipsed sable."

Honorable Lady Francisca Sastre de Arellano


Bryn Gwlad Scribal Guild Head – May 2016 to 2019 Bryn Gwlad Deputy Seneschal – Fall 2013 – Fall 2014 Bryn Gwlad Clothier’s Guild Master - Spring 2012 - May 2013

Persona History:

Spain, Arellano, Navarre 1450-1500


Francisca is primarily focused in Calligraphy and Illumination, with a stronger emphasis on the Illumination. She also enjoys inkle and pick up weaving. I am looking to pursue card weaving and researching diptych and triptych construction.

Timeline of Activity:

  • 2011 October Contributed a personal Illuminated letter of intent to Queen Amelot
  • 2012 January Won second place with a design based on The design is based off Savalo of Valenciennes.
  • 2013 Particpated in a sable swap, sending an illuminated original page based on the Visconti Hours.
  • 2013 October Contributed both the Rapier and Heavy championship scrolls to the Bryn Gwlad Zombie Tourney. Based on Souls Tormented in Purgatory from the Hours of Catherine of Cleves and the The death of Simon Magus, from the Nuremberg Chronicle or Liber Chronicarum respectively.
  • 2013 Won the halberd cover contest held by Renée DuValier at Candlemas

The overall design is based on the Prophecies of the Popes The banner design (to properly pull in the title of the publication) was from the Hours of William Lord Hastings

  • 2013 Competed in the Candlemas A&S Champion ship with a piece based on the visconti hours.
  • 2013 Participated in an international art swap, contributing a hand bound book, personalized with the recipients heraldry.
  • 2013 Competed in Fynnon Gath's Jägermeister A&S Championship, The piece was a carpet page based on Tyniec Sacramentary.
  • 2013 Contributed an original star of Merit to the kingdom.
  • 2013 Contributed a Chivalric championship scroll for Bryn Gwlad, Versal designed from Illumination in a 12th century manuscript of a letter of Gregory’s to Saint Leander, bishop of Seville.
  • 2013 Contributed three championship scrolls to Fall Baronial for Bryn Gwlad, called Legends of the Third Crusade, Equestrian Champ, Rapier champ, and Chiv Champ.
  • 2014 Contributed the Chivalric Championship scroll to Bryn Gwlad's fall Baronial based on Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana's book of Job.
  • 2014 Completed a rework of a Golden Martlet for Grishka Kravtsovich. Grishka has a Russian persona so this scroll was done in the style of Walters Ms. W.535, Gospel lectionary - Divine and sacred Holy Gospel fol. 9r based on the non-figural ornamentation by scribe Luke the Cypriot.
  • 2014 Made a second Queen's Choice scroll at the request of Her excellency. Done in the style of the book of Kells.
  • 2015 Contributed an original scroll based on Collenuccio's Apologues (Agenoria, Misopenes, Alithia, and Bombarda) and Lucian's Dialogues (De raptu Europae, Galene et Panope, and De Paradis iudicio) for the Queen's choice winner in A&S. Contributed the scroll for the populace's choice for the same event, based on This scroll was based on Institutio Phederici Reynerii in dignitatem rectoris civitatis Canee in insulae Cretea ab Leonardo Laurendano duce Venetiarum.
  • 2015 Contributed an original scroll for Hellsgate's Chiv Championship. It was based on page called the Harrowing of Hell in Illustrated Vita Christi.
  • 2016 Contributed an Original scroll for Bryn Gwlad's Arts and Sciences Championship. His Excellency specifically requested that Burney 275 particularly f. 293 be used.
  • 2016 October Made the Chivalric Peerage scroll for Lucius Hadrianus Swordbreaker using raised gesso, based on Trajan’s Column.
  • 2016 Contributed an original in period pigments for the Stronghold of Hellsgate A&S Championship


  • Award of Arms 2012-04-21
  • Sable Thistle of Ansteorra 2016-01-16
  • Iris of Merit 2017-09-30