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[[Category:Counts and Countesses]]
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Known As: Finn Kelly O'Donnell
Registered Name: Finn Kelly O'Donnell
Current Group: Northkeep
Past Groups:
Joined SCA:
Current Status:
Last Seen:
Rank/Title: Count, Knight of the Society, Master of the Laurel
Device Registered? Yes: Vert, on a chief embattled argent six shamrocks in fess vert


Offices Held:
OP Listing: Finn Kelly O'Donnell

Persona History:


Timeline of Activity:

Populace Provided Information:

Vatavia Takes Over a War by Friar Thomas Bacon, being an accounting of the events of AS16 (1981): "The Ansteorrans front-loaded their charge with "dwarves" (fighters who weighed over 300 pounds in armor) most of who wore red. Leading the charge was Sir Finn Kelly O'Donnell... "

Notable Contributions / Accomplishments: