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Heraldic achievement for the Stronghold of Falconridge

The Stronghold of Falconridge is a dormant branch, once located in Altus, OK.


Falconridge (Eldern Hills), founded April 1995.

The Stronghold of Falconridge was under the Barony of Eldern Hills and was located at Altus Air Force Base, in Altus, Oklahoma, in the Northern Region of Ansteorra.

The branch name was registered in January of 1996, and the branch arms in December of the same year. By December of 1999 the stronghold had gone dormant [1]. It remains so today, but could be reactivated at any time given sufficient interest on the base.

And Now?


This branch name was registered in January of 1996 (via Ansteorra).
The following device associated with this name was registered in December of 1996 (via Ansteorra):
Purpure, a falcon rising wings displayed argent hooded belled and jessed Or atop a dexter gauntlet fesswise argent, all between three laurel wreaths Or.


The following People have sat the Throne of Falconridge:

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