Events Held By Mooneschadowe

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Event Day Month Year A.S.
Revel Minor of the Incipient Shire 21 Jul 1979 XIV
Revel Minor 2 Sep 1979 XIV
Light Tourney & Jester's Revel 12-13 Apr 1980 XIV
Newcomers Revel Sep 1980 XV
Last Days of Freedom Tourney 22-24 Aug 1981 XVI
Guardian Tourney and Jester's Revel 3-4 Oct 1981 XVI
End of Winter Tourney 27-28 Mar 1982 XVI
Guardian Tourney II 2-4 Apr 1983 XVII
Fence Wars (versus Morrows Keep) Aug 1983 XVII
Guardian Tourney III 1-2 Oct 1983 XVII
Crown Tournament (Ice Crown) 10-11 Dec 1983 XVII
Summer Melee Tournament 7-8 Jul 1984 XIX
Guardian Tourney IV 1-3 Sep 1984 XIX
Guardian Tourney V 7-8 Sep 1985 XX
Dreamquest 7-8 Jun 1986 XXI
Guardian Tourney VI 12-14 Sep 1986 XXI
Halloween Revel 31-1 O-N 1986 XXI
Border Dispute Tournament (versus Northkeep) 28-1 F-M 1987 XXI
Summer Battles 6-7 Jun 1987 XXII
Guardian Tourney VII 11-13 Sep 1987 XXII
River Quest 29-31 Jul 1988 XXIII
Guardian Tourney VIII 16-18 Sep 1987 XXIII
Valentine's Day Invitational Revel I 10-12 Feb 1989 XXIII
Interkingdom with Calontir (with Wiesenfeuer) Jul 1989 XXIV
Guardian Tourney IX Sep 1989 XXIV
Valentine's Day Invitational Revel II Feb 1990 XXIV
Guardian Tourney X Sep 1990 XXV
Valentine's Invitational Revel III Feb 1991 XXV
Guardian Tourney XI Sep 1991 XXVI
Valentine's Invitational Revel IV Feb 1992 XXVI
Guardian Tournament XII Sep 1992 XXVII
Valentine's Invitational Revel V Feb 1993 XXVII
Guardian Tournament XIII Aug 1993 XXVIII
Northern Regional Salute to Ansteorra: Feast & Ball Feb 1994 XXVIII
Ansteorra's 15th Anniversary Event: Breakfast Tavern Jun 1994 XXIX
Sponsored the Incip. Shire of Bison's Run's event Aug 1994 XXIX
Guardian Tournament XIV Sep 1994 XXIX
Northern Regional War College: Dancing Feb 1995 XXIX
Kingdom Dance Symposium Mar 1995 XXIX
Interkingdom with Calontir - Sheep Wars II Jul 1995 XXX
Guardian Tournament XV Sep 1995 XXX
Coronation: Mikael & Mikeala Jul 1996 XXXI
Guardian Tournament XVI Sep 1996 XXXI
Northern Regional War College: Feast Feb 1997 XXXI
Guardian Tournament XVII Sep 1997 XXXII
Northern Regional Warlord II Tournament Jul 1998 XXXIII
Guardian Tournament XVIII Sep 1998 XXXIII
Northern Regional Tribute: Ball Feb 1999 XXXIII
King's College Jun 1999 XXXIV
Guardian Tournament XIX Sep 1999 XXXIV
Guardian Tournament XX Aug 2000 XXXV
Sheep Wars Returns Mar 2001 XXXV
Northern Regional Warlord Tournament Apr 2001 XXXV
Guardian Tournament XXI Sep 2001 XXXVI
Kingdom Heraldic Symposium Jul 2002 XXXVII
Guardian Tournament XXII Sep 2002 XXXVII
Tribute to Ansteorra: food for Crown Feb 2003 XXXVIII
Guardian Tournament XXIII Sep 2003 XXXVIII
Kingdom Arts & Sciences, Royal Huntsman, & Mooneschadowe Ansteorran Tribute Jan 2004 XXXVIII
Guardian Tournament XXIV Sep 2004 XXXIX
Guardian Tournament XXV Sep 2005 XL
King's Round Table/Red Tape Jan 2006 XL
Triumphe of the Eclipse Sep 2006 XLI