Event Review - Wiesenfeuer Yule 2019 - by Caterina Cavalieri

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The drive to Wiesenfeuer was full of enjoyable companionship with my beloved brother, Diego. The sun rose behind us in a glorious riot of color, chasing us westward as our journey continued. Though the sun's light and warmth were soon to be overshadowed with clouds, our arrival at Wiesenfeuer brought brightness and warmth in the welcome we received from Their Excellencies Valia and Dierdre's populace. Good gentles from Namron also shared in that endeavor; Diego and I thank you all.

It was grand to visit with our friends and cousins spread throughout Vindheim, seeing them gathered in one of the brightest jewels in Ansteorra's crown. Northkeep, our parent barony, is home to so many we hold dear. It was a joy to sit and visit with you for a while.

I found special glee in doing the scavenger hunt with Haven and Lance O'Connor, their energy carried me on a wave of youthful exuberance which even now brings a smile to the author of this missive. I was then led by temptation and/or inspiration to the scribal room. Namron, I need not tell you what a treasure you have in Mistress Nicolea.

I was favored with her tutelage as I completed the painting of my first charter. I usually do originals and I have tried a charter before, but never completed one. Another first for me was whitework as Nic showed me how to highlight my piece. I thank you most gratefully for all your kind assistance. Thanks also go to Lillas MacGuffin for her tips and advice. Shanna, thank you for trimming that pesky hair. The keymaster is indebted to Zuul.

The subtlety contest was amazing! Such skill was displayed by the confection creators I found myself happy I was not a judge. Many and much deserved congratulations belong to Lady Antonia Valsolani for emerging triumphant in that closely contested competition! I dared to eat an entire piece with not a whiff of guilt despite the sinfulness of your cake's deliciousness.

Speaking of deliciousness, Haven O'Connor is such a sweet little dumpling I just want to gobble her up! Wyldewode, indeed the Valsolani-Kjelsen house, showed itself proud in Wiesenfeuer! Not only did Antonia win the subtlety contest, but her daughter is the new Youth Bardic Champion of Wiesenfeuer! Vivat, Haven! I was priveleged to get a private performance from the champion and never was there a more adorable rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Thank you for the song, Haven, and congratulations!

Much more was seen and heard, too much to share here, but all part of the whole that was a wonderfully memorable day. Thank you again, Wiesenfeuer and Namron!

By my hand,
Caterina Cavalieri