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This page contains an event review by Zubeydah. This represents solely her opinion and views/thoughts at the time of writing, and do NOT reflect upon her Barony, her Region, her mentors and friends, or anyone else.

"You will witness Magic tonight!"
.. and magical, it was indeed - the words of the King rang true.

If you missed Wiesenfeuer Yule... you have missed a chapter of Ansteorran history that may never see its like again.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

For me, the preparations for the event started back on Wednesday, November 24th, when I got a call from my friend, Lahoma Simon, aka Rayhanna Jamilla al-Mukhite. She told me, in a voice of quiet panic, that the squiring ceremony that would bind her husband, Aethelred, in service to Sir Owen, had been moved up from Coronation in February, to Wiesenfeuer Yule, a week and a half away.

We brainstormed as to what was needed. Sir Owen had made it clear that for a new Chivalric candidate, appearance and presence was very important. So, new garb was a must. One of the inherent problems with this is that Rayhanna lives out in the boonies where the only fabric available is from Wal-Mart. I pledged to her that I would go fabric shopping that Saturday, and drive it down to her. We also discussed banners, and other items.

Saturday, the 27th, I got up bright and early to be at Jo-Ann's Fabrics when it opened. Armed with my cell phone and a tentative budget, I called Rayhanna and we walked through the store together. Fabric after fabric option was discussed. When we had finally settled on a choice, another item caught my eye. I headed that way, and announced, "Hold the phone. I found it. It's perfect!" The fabric was stunning gold and black brocade.... and it was ON SALE at a mere $8.00 or so per yard! I purchased enough yardage, as well as some needed notions, and got on the road for Talequah.

Rayhanna and I spent the afternoon cutting out patterns, creating muslin mock-ups, and chattering about how to make the event special for Aethelred. I couldn't stay late, as I had other obligations that evening, but we got a lot done. I promised to work on the banners in the following week, so Rayhanna could focus on the garb that needed to get done.

Sunday and Monday, I worked on Aethelred's device, and did the preliminary shopping for ingredients for some chocolates for Baroness Michelle's vigil. I'd never made a banner before, but I learned two lessons well: 1) Wonder-Under is your friend. 2) Sewing machines like a tune up before doing miles of satin stitch. But by 1:00 am Monday morning, Aethelred's banner was done.

Tuesday night, I worked up the pattern for the household banner, and cut out the major pieces. Wednesday I took a moment's pause to run over to the Fighter Practice at McClure park, to drop off two Golden Scrolls for Hersir Thorgrim Northkeep: a Sable Falcon and a Centurion scroll. After visiting for a few moments, and proudly showing off the scroll to the folks who'd showed up for practice, I headed home to start sewing the banner.

All of the remainder of the evening and of Thursday, I worked on making the tree look 'willow-like'. The sword wasn't showing up well against the white backdrop, so I outlined it in metallic thread. That helped a lot. I can't express the relief I felt when, at almost exactly the stroke of midnight on Thursday, the second banner was done.

Friday, I had to leave work early, due to the strongest allergic reaction I've ever had to cilantro. My boss, Kimber, was eating a "Thai Chicken" dinner, and though my desk is six feet away from hers, my eyes began watering and burning, and my throat swelled badly. She sent me home. Fortunately, removed from the irritating agent of the cilantro, I felt better quickly. I stopped by the store to pick up some fruits: out of season strawberries and raspberries that looked very nice. I was a bit dismayed at how expensive they were, but given that they had been grown somewhere tropical and flown into Tulsa, could understand.

I had a dinner date with my husband, and our friends, Hersir Thorgrim, HE Sigen, Lord Katsutoshi, and Lady Brigid at 7:30, and I was determined to get as much done as possible before then. From 5:00 to 7:15, I was a whirling dervish of melted chocolate and flavored essential oils, with some pecans and almonds thrown in for good measure. I was able to finish dipping all the fruits, and got four pounds of chocolates made up before leaving.

Dinner was positively wonderful: the stress of the week melted away in their good company and the wonderful food. We don't get to spend nearly enough time with these terrific people, and it had been some time since we'd all gotten together. We missed them. Far too soon, it was time to go. Back home, I finished working up the chocolates, and began designing and printing the labels.

The next morning, I helped Abe get out the door for work, then began packing and cleaning - I found out over dinner that he was expecting company while I'd be gone at the event. As well, I decided to make a cheesecake for HE Michelle's vigil luncheon. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get out the door at my planned time; it was 11:30 before I got everything in the car and got on the road. I'd decided to bring some basic waterbearing gear as well, and wore my 'working garb.'

Being who I am, it wouldn't be an SCA event if I didn't take a wrong turn somewhere. I managed to miss the exit for the Kilpatrick Expressway, and wound up having to go all the way around Oklahoma City, and back up to Edmond. Eventually, I found the place, arriving at almost exactly 1:30.

Grabbing the banners and the cooler chest full of desserts, I headed into the hall, walking in with Lady Emma de Fetherstan and her daughter, Nikki. I commented on Nikki's beautiful new dress - a lovely sari in deep blue with gold accents. She happily twirled and bounced for me, and I told her I just had to take her picture. Once we were inside, she happily obliged.

Troll was quick and painless, and I headed into the main hall. Even though the site was a "Community Center," the primary hall looked very church-like. There were mosaic stained glass windows along one wall, and a raised dais at the front - Ansteorran thrones that I had never seen before were placed there. They were beautiful from a distance, and I vowed to get a closer look later. Five banners of Ansteorran gold with a black star were hung upon the walls to frame the dais area. Ten or so rows of tables were set up to each side of a central row; many were set with fine and beautiful feast gear, candelabra and cloths of bright colors. The carpet was a bright and bloody crimson, which reflected the overhead lighting in a blinding glow. An upper balcony was hung with personal banners. To the front of the hall and off to the right, was a canvas enclosure with wooden trellis corners. Soft pink silk roses had been strung in garlands along the sides, and down the trellises. The room wasn't hugely crowded - perhaps seventy-five people, and their Royal Highnesses were not present.

I didn't see my friends in Halfiras, either, but I did find Their Excellencies Northkeep, Thorgrim and Sigen waiting their turn down by the rose-strewn bower where Baroness Michelle was sitting in vigil. They looked entirely elegant as usual. Hersir Thorgrim was wearing his crimson investiture garb and the new cloak with his device that Sigen made for Mooneschadowe Guardian: While I had never seen him wear the tunic before, it was the ensemble I had painted on the figure on his Centurian Scroll. HE Sigen was wearing her new purple garb, and waterfalls of amber. I showed Sigen the banners, and she was very kind in her praise.

Nearby was Owen's Lady, Dagmar. Their baby, Henry, was nowhere to be seen. When I inquired, Dagmar laughed, and said, "Well, Owen is nominally watching him... but what that means is that someone has wandered by, seen Henry, and snatched him away..." I did spot Owen sitting with Angus MacKnockard off in one corner, speaking intently. On the table, next to Dagmar, was a positively wonderful sketch of Owen. It looked oddly familiar, and was entirely nifty, so I snapped a photo. Dagmar explained that it was a gift from HL Ian dun Gillan. [I did not realize until I was editing the photos the following day that the sketch was based on a photograph I took of Owen the morning after he was knighted at Mooneschadowe Guardian.]

I delivered the bags of rose-shaped chocolates to the fine trio of folks who were working on Baroness Michelle's vigil feast, as well as the cheesecake. I explained that Michelle had stated she wanted the chocolate covered strawberries and raspberries in with her: They helped me find a pretty plate, arranged some of the delicacies on them, and told me to slip in between guests. I stashed my cloak, purse, and the banners behind a table, and took the plate.

Thorgrim and Sigen were next, and while we waited, they showed me the lovely gift of fabric they had purchased for Michelle: stunning brocade of fleur-de-lis: I think it was gold and black, but can't recall. I did notice it was reversible, and knew she'd love it. They let me slip in with the strawberries.

Michelle was inside, looking rather like a bride on her wedding day: anticipatory and terrified, all at the same time. It occurred to me, that in many ways, an SCA elevation to the peerage IS like a wedding in some ways - it's a rite of passage, a ritual that brings one to a whole new level of commitment to the SCA as a whole. Her garb of very heavy weight cream tone-on-tone brocade with accents of soft mint green was stunning, and she relayed that HL Magdelena of Mooneschadowe had made it for her. She was glowing with excitement, and her hands were shaking a little. She liked the strawberries’ appearance, and declared she'd have one a little later. I bowed out as quickly as I could, not wanting to be rude to those waiting outside. I assured her there were plenty more goodies, and that I'd check back with her later.

Their Excellencies Northkeep and I switched spots, and I wandered off to say hi to Owen. He paused in his conversation, gave me a rib-splitting hug that took my feet off the ground, and a hearty, "Hello, oh most excellent Zubeydah!" I grinned and said it was good to see him, too, and I wanted to show him something. I dashed to where I'd stashed the banners, grabbed them and dashed back show Owen. He gave a thumbs up, and a 'That rocks!' and let me know that Halfiras was back at their hotel getting fancied up as there would be no combat for the day. I could tell his conversation was important, so I bowed out quickly.

When Thorgrim and Sigen exited the vigil, I asked if I could snap their photo. They agreed, and posed. Just then, my batteries died!! The photo didn't turn out. I had brought some AA sized batteries, and had them out in the car, so I headed that way. Unfortunately, it turned out the camera took AAA size. Sir Finn was kind enough to provide directions to a local drugstore that might have the right kind. I grabbed my stuff from its hidey-hole behind the feast tables, and dashed off site, made my purchase, and headed back quickly.

Back in the hall, my friends were nowhere to be found. I snapped some pictures of other folks here and there, and decided it was time to change into my fancy garb. Just as I was getting myself settled, Halfiras arrived. They looked STUNNING! Everyone was in new or newly borrowed garb. Mehpare looked sensually mysterious in a crimson and gold ensemble, and her lord Douglas practically purred with delight that he was privileged to escort such an enchanting creature. {deleted at request of individual} looked dashing in a new kilt of some gray and cream wool we'd swapped for at a recent Household get-together, and his lady, {deleted at request of individual} , looked lovely in a gold ghawazi and black pants and blouse, and had a lovely braided coronet. But really, Rayhanna and Aethelred took the cake. The new doublet pattern we'd selected for his garb worked perfectly with the fabric. It made him look elegant, broad-shouldered, and handsome. Rayhanna looked like a vision straight out of Titan's sweetest dreams, with a black split-front entari, side-split pants, and a vest that matched Aethelred's doublet. All the ladies were veiled, adding to their mysterious and wicked air. There's just something about wearing garb that makes you feel beautiful that puts a certain swaggering strut into the walk. :-)

I showed them the banners, and presented Aethelred with my gift for his Squiring : a wood carving I'd commissioned from a co-worker. It was a wooden plaque with the Halfiras willow engraved deeply into the wood. He seemed very pleased with all three, and we processed into the site.

The next several hours were spent socializing and snapping photos, as well as nibbling here and there. None of us had purchased feast before it sold out, so they had brought some goodies along and were kind enough to share. Others had brought some games: I saw a game of chess, and another game that appeared to be some sort of Norse variant – one of the playing pieces looked like a longship.

I still wasn't sure if I' be serving at feast or not, but then found out the presentation was going to occur during the meal, so that idea was out. During one of the times we wandered out so folks could grab a smoke break, His Excellency, Mikail of Eldern Hills came out and told me I was next in line to speak with Baroness Michelle. Honestly, I hadn't expected that I would have a chance to do so, as earlier I heard one of the Countesses who were attending Michelle state that they had more people signed up to speak to her than could ever have opportunity to do so.

While waiting for the people ahead of me to complete their visit, I had a lovely chat with Mistress Suvdchin of the Moritu, a laurel with Middle Eastern and Mongolian personas. We talked about our dancing styles, and I confessed for the first time that mine is more attempts to recover my balance without looking too horribly off, than any planned choreography. I told her about my classes at wInterKingdom for youth, and the recent competitions at Argent Anniversary. She was really delightful to talk to.

Then it was my turn to chat with Michelle. We didn't speak long, as her 'handlers' were cracking down on the length of time of each visit, but I conveyed my congratulations, and my delight that one of the North's 'shining lights' was receiving the recognition due. I promised to bring her more chocolate covered strawberries, and took my leave, after securing a promise from her that I could get her photograph later.

I chatted some more with Mistress Suvdchin, and we resolved to exchange email addresses via the Middle Eastern dance list, and stay in touch. I headed over to the vigil feast area, and refilled the plate, and brought it back in to Michelle, serving her newest visitors on bended knee. At Michelle's instructions, I then loaded the remaining strawberries onto a nice plate, and brought them to Countess Octavia, who made happy noises as she savored one of the berries. Countess Octavia then suggested the Queen be brought some more. On my way to Her Majesty, Nikki and her friends grabbed me again and demanded that I dance with them... all the while, I was carrying a plate of chocolate dipped fruit. I wasn't dancing wildly enough to their tastes, and they repeatedly tugged on my ghawazi and demonstrated the proper whirling techniques. Unfortunately, this dislodged my camera, which apparently suffered a bit for the ill treatment.

I always get nervous approaching royalty, but HL Gilyan made it easy. Her Majesty enjoyed a strawberry, and her entourage partook as well with plenty of happy noises and commentary on the 'evils' of such things. The remainder were distributed to those in the hall I recognized, or who weren't deep in conversation. The fine gentles who were running the vigil feast encouraged everyone to partake. It was a wonderful repast – they had done a marvelous job of both presentation and variety, with a luxurious quality to the foods. One particularly nice item was a chocolate mousse cheesecake, decorated with pineapple and cherries in the shape of Baroness Michelle’s device, crafted by Sir Balvin’s wife, Franchesca.

I found their Majesty's son toddling around the carpeted floor. He plopped down and was staring up at the lights. I dropped to the floor next to him and snapped his photo. His royal mom and Gilyan were close at hand, and we somehow got chatting on the subject of one of the contests going on that day: Roman garb. I responded that there was a blonde gentleman with black and gold garb, and Roman shoes... at this point, they both intently whispered at the same time, "HE'S DIRECTLY BEHIND YOU!" I was aghast, and blushed six shades of red. ACK! Gilyan giggled at my embarrassment, and teased me that it was okay. That was the same fellow that they liked best, too. (He won the competition, announced in court later that evening, and was later identified as Marc-Antoine.)

At some point, a pair of gentles entered with red tailed hawks upon their wrists. I couldn’t help but stop and stare. Falconry has always been something near and dear to my heart, though I’ve not the temperament for it. These beautiful creatures were quiet, despite the chaos of the hall, and behaved marvelously, despite the wildly dancing moppets, waving ruffs, and bright lights of the hall. They graciously permitted me to snap photos of the birds, which was very kind.

Because neither Halfiras, nor I really had any idea what to expect for the event, we weren't prepared for the very casual and relaxed atmosphere. We came ready to waterbear and fight - but none of that was going on. I think Halfiras was a smidge bored. I wandered amuck taking lots of pictures – I got several of Sir Jean-Paul and HL Gilyan, and they honored me a great deal by giving me a wedding invitation.

At long last, it was time for the Feast. That's when the fun began! Just outside the hall, a bunch of the youth had made cat masks and were garbed in leopard spot tunics. Some had boffer weapons. Upon a specific phrase from Baron Lucais (“Unleash the beasts!”), they dashed into the hall, down to the front, and began to pummel some poor unfortunate fellow (The same man in Roman garb I’d commented on). I wasn’t sure what exactly was going on, but it looked pretty darned hilarious.

While we were waiting our turn, I checked out the table where the subtlety contest entries were. One was a set of mice, made of chocolate (always a plus), another was an angel cake replica of a Roman building, and the third was a giant cookie, decorated to look like a mosaic. I took some photos, but unfortunately, they did not turn out, so I don’t have record of who made which entry. The mice eventually won.

We all gathered at the top of the hall, and figured out who was carrying what, who was walking in, in what order, etc. Everyone was nervous, Aethelred and Rayhanna most of all. Another gentle had business first, taking on a Protege. Next, Sir Owen ap Aeddan called for the presence of his fellow Knights and Squires. Then was summoned Owen's man at arms, “Aethelred of the Broken Shield.” He was heralded in, escorting Rayhanna on his arm, who bore two springs of miniature roses. They looked positively elegant in their matching garb of black and gold, and the metallic fabric sparkled in the light of the hall. Behind them marched {deleted at request of individual} - {deleted at request of individual} carried Aethelred's banner, {deleted at request of individual} held his shield. Next came the lovely Mehpare bint Ejer and her lord, Douglas, carrying the household banner. I followed last, discretely toting a camera, having been told firmly that while I had not accepted membership in the Household, "damnit, you're family."

Once down at the front of the hall, we knelt or stood a discrete distance away, and so we could not hear all of what was said. Aethelred and Rayhanna stood before Owen, Dagmar, Jean-Paul and Gilyan, surrounded by all the knights. I couldn't hear or see much, but I could just see Dagmar and Rayhanna fit the crimson belt around Aethelred's waist.

Then, Rayhanna presented Owen's Lady Dagmar with some roses, and some to HL Gilyan, as well: For Aethelred was told that he was expected, as would be any squires of Sir Jean-Paul, to learn equally from both brother-knights. It was a really wonderful moment, and I was proud to be there. We all trouped out, beaming. Aethelred showed us his belt, which was ornamented with one of the pewter griffin plaques we had gifted Owen with for his Knighting. On the back, it also bore Sir Burke's device. Aethelred explained that Owen had been squired with the same belt, but only worn it once.

Halfiras decided that anything else would be an anti-climax, and as feast was progressing and they had not purchased it, they would head back to the hotel to relax and wait for the parties later. I was torn; I didn't want to stay too late, and have problems driving back safely later, but I really wanted to see as much of the festivities as I could. I fetched all of my assorted stuff from the vigil feast site, and tucked the cooler chest up against the wall by the exit. Sitting on top, I watched for a bit, trying to decide what to do.

The feast progressed, with HE Master Lucais taking on Kelly (the daughter of Sir Sif) as an Apprentice, whom he had known for nearly fifteen years. Additionally, another peer – a Pelican - took on a Protégé, but I could not hear who was involved. Sir Conrad of Castleton also took two squires - Daniel and Angus MacKnochard, but it was done at another time - I did not witness it. I thought it was neat that all three Peerages took on students to teach at the event.

While I was pondering my dilemma, Her Excellency Rhiannon of Mooneschadowe sat nearby and began tuning her harp. I asked if she was playing during dinner, and she responded that she was in Michelle's procession. A gentle who was exiting the hall (I recognized him at the time, but can't recall his name) paused, and listened intently to her playing. I grinned and said, patting my cooler chest turned chair, that "I have the best seat in the house." He agreed, and said that he'd drop nearly anything to listen to her play.

Feast was cleared, deserts devoured, and as the herald (NK's own Seigneur Etienne) announced, "If you have never attended a court under this reign, you will know one word describes it: PUNCTUAL." Promptly at 7pm, court began. I very boldly found a spot to sit against the wall, at the front of the feasting tables so I could see. Kat and Ana Liese of Mooneschadowe, and Centurion Wiggen were there as well.

There were, as the king remarked, "More Peerages given, than Awards of Arms."

Northkeep's own Diarmaid O'Dunn was, in what appeared to be a completely sneaky surprise, elevated to the Order of the Laurel. What touched me about it so much, is the other peers LINING UP to speak for this man. The king asked, 'Is there a member of the Chivalry who will speak for this man?" "I will!" "I will!" "I will!" "I will! And as the more senior, I claim first right to speak!" Sir Owen ap Aeddan said it most eloquently: "This is the man, who for years, has been the example to me of what a Laurel should be." Sir Burke relayed how he had known Diarmuid since high school.... Sir Balvin complimented Diarmuid, saying he had 'a warrior's heart and honor.' ... and Sieur Jean-Paul de Sens described how much Diarmuid had contributed to his experience and knowledge, and that of others. Diarmuid was presented with a cloak of Her Excellency, Mistress 'Stacia's making, and if I heard correctly, a silver laurel medallion made by Master Beorhtlic Folcwineson. A wreath of laurel leaves was placed upon his head by his own Lady, Mistress Dunstana Talana the Violet - it was the very same wreath that she had been Laurelled with. (Who had also made his garb: a very smashing ensemble with a black woolen scholar's coat, with intricate raised work on the sleeves. I initially thought that he HAD to have known, because he looked quite dressed for the occasion, but have since been assured that when he does attend court, he is always thus nattily dressed.)

[ HE Stacia provided the following additional information: "The (Laurel) cloak that was laid on Dairmaid's shoulders by Beorthlic's hand, and by his kind assent my own, was a heart gift made by my hand for Beorthlic's elevation at WYR now 6 years past... The passing of such a piece of historied regalia is a true mark of affection, acceptance, joy and respect, :-) " She also noted that when her husband, Master Tarl, stood forth to speak as a Lion of Ansteorra on Diarmuid's behalf, that... "And yes the Lion was overcome with the evenings doings, Diarmuid was the first he stood for, and the words that overflowed his heart could come out his expression, stance and eyes but he could not give them vocalization...He rallied himself for the next three..."]

Baroness Adria and Master Artorius of Eldern Hills were called up and recognized for their service... but then their children were called up as well. "It cannot be easy to have such parents as examples" their Majesties said. (Everyone giggled at the dual way this could be taken.) Their young daughter (age ten ?) was granted a Rising Star. Her brother removed his own, and gave it to her with a hug, which his mother begged to be documented with a photograph, because "He'll deny it later." His gentlemanly courtesy and longtime service was recognized with an Award of Arms.

A Centurion was made: I could not hear whom, but was later told was Johann Gunnbjornsson, who is Mistress Ceridwen’s husband, and from the Wastelands*. When the centurions were called up, some arrived more merrily than others. :-) The lack of a Centurion scroll was remarked upon -- much to my chagrin. I'll be writing to the appropriate folks to get more of these scrolls which honor our mighty warriors, and working to finish the one I have almost ready...

A lovely tale was told of Amanda of Wiesenfeuer, by HE Master Lucais, and how he had first met her. That she stood lonely vigil by the tournament ropes, watching her lord fight in the newcomer's tournament. He invited her out of the rain, under his pavilion. Yet each time her lord Yoshi fought, she would edge closer to the field. And that, at the final round, he was honored to stand by her side, in the rain, as he watched her, watch her lord win the Newcomer's tourney. That he was touched by her honor and devotion. After telling his tale, she was granted an award of Arms.

Sir Cassius Leapus (AKA Alrik Kanin, AKA Rabbit, the Knight to Northkeep's Wiggen Jonnson and Lord Angus Gunn), was ninja-elevated... His Royal Majesty, Drake, called up his long time friend, and spoke eloquently of his service... of the hours Cassius had spent on a scroll we would all see later that evening.. and then the king lifted the Crown of Ansteorra from his brow, and identified Sir Cassius as the artisan as well. One of his entourage handed him the garter of a Star of Merit... we all saw the King touch its shining length... he paused.. "We have seen fit to grant you the recognition of .... THE ORDER OF THE LAUREL!!" The assembled court went nearly mad with cheering. Four knights rushed forward to speak for this man, as well as three Ladies of the Rose (Contessa Vanessa, Countess Maggie, and Countess Octavia). He is much loved and respected. When the king called for a cloak for Sir Cassius, Oxlade reluctantly stepped forward, saying, "I haven't had this very long, and I really, REALLY don't want to give it up... but ...." (I later learned that the cloak had been made by Catherine for Mistress Talana's Laurelling, and was later gifted to Oxlade at his peerage circle.)

Claryce (I did not catch the rest of her name) was ninja-elevated to the order of the Laurel. Her response was so beautiful, so genuine - so overwhelmed. Her garb was gorgeous.

Baroness Michelle, HL Gilyan , Sir Jean-Paul, and Sir Aesoph Hearts were recognized for their devoted service, and the ladies were granted the Queen's Glove. The gentlemen were granted the very gauntlets that have buffeted eleven worthies into the Order of Chivalry, including Sir Aesoph and Sir Owen. The awesome history of those objects was impressive in their gifting. Though I could not see the details, they looked to have been embroidered in a beautiful fashion.

The elevation of Baroness Michelle was a thing of beauty. She looked stunning in a dress crafted by HL Maggie of Mooneschadowe. Sir Owen heralded her into court powerfully, speaking mighty words of praise in a voice that shook the rafters. Her Excellency Rhiannon of Mooneschadowe followed, accompanying the group with beautiful harp music. (How the heck do you walk and harp at the same time?!?!) Michelle approached, escorted by Aesoph and others carrying her device. She looked radiant, despite having been in Vigil all day in a lovely rose-strewn bower. Again, peers lined up several deep to speak well of this woman. Master Jovian spoke for her as a Laurel – his entry was impressive, as he strode in, knelt and bowed his head to the floor before the crown, and spoke of her deeds.

[It was noted at one point by Mistress ‘Stacia that the glory of this night had been equaled once before in Ansteorran history: During the first reign of Kein and Alisha, two double peers and three laurels had been made in one night. It was also noted by Mistress Claryce that she and Rabbit had received their first peerages on the same night during Kein and Alisha’s second reign– and now they had both received a second peerage – on the same night as well. ]