Event Review - The Battle of Ethandune 2012 - by Etienne De Saint Amaranth

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by Master Etienne De Saint Amaranth

Since Their Majesties stepped up at Coronation, I have tried to do a write up from each event as their Golden Staff Herald. While I frequently cover as much of the event as I may have seen, in general detail, my focus is primarily on courts and awards that were given (which kind of goes with the job). For the Battle of Ethandune in Bjornsborg, most of what I can report this time will only be about court since I spent the majority of the day working with several people on things that would happen at court and I missed much of the event itself.

To date, I have posted these updates to my Facebook status. This time I am going to copy the content to the Ansteorran Facebook page to reach a wider audience.

But, a few pre-evening court details I can share. If I miss a few details or misstate, I hope someone will comment and correct.

Morning court (no business) for Their Majesties was heralded by Count Romanius who has my thanks! Their Majesties and Their Excellencies of Bjornsborg were joined in court by King Roger of the West Kingdom who had traveled to our kingdom for work related reasons and took the opportunity to join us for an event. Following court, Mistress Ameline du Bois, OL, was placed on vigil for her induction into the Order of the Pelican that evening.

The competitions centered around conflicts between Alfred of Wessex (represented by Duke Ulsted the Unsteady) and a Norse Viking leader whose name I missed (portrayed by Duke Hrafn Olafsson). There were bardic and A&S competitions with people choosing to compete for one side or the other. The chivalric combat between the two groups involved (I believe) five scenarios. Each scenario represented a different part of Saxon England (Mercia, Wessex, Northumbria, etc.) and winning the combat for a scenario meant that either the Saxons held those lands or the Vikings took them. At the end of the conflict, the Danelaw had to be drawn up to represent lands held by the Norse.

I saw nothing of the rapier combat but hopefully others will post.

Mistress Ameline's vigil was well attended with Their Majesties and then King Roger taking the first chances to offer advice and guidance. I used about half of my time with Ameline to gather more info on what was important to her for her ceremony.

Other than a brief respite for lunch (and special thanks to Her Excellency Suzanne for tracking me down to make sure I was invited), which was by the way delicious, and a trip into New Braunfels to print ceremony scripts, almost all of my day was spent with Herr Detlef von Marburg, CSM, who was my assisting herald for the day or with Master Cynric of Bedwyn who was Ameline's processional herald or with Their Majesties writing Amaline's peerage ceremony on-site and preparing for other court items.

As feast began, Herr Detlef and I got all of the award charters in order, copies of text ready for a few items which had no charter and the insignia to be given out and checked. As feast was coming to a close, we started moving things to the permanent pavilion area so court could start as quickly as possible. It did appear that everyone participating enjoyed feast immensely.

Starting court as quickly as we could was fairly critical as feast came to a close around 8:30 PM. Court started at 9:00, about an hour later than planned.

So, at 9:00, we began the focus of my day and job for Their Majesties.

Their Excellencies processed into court first and then asked all to remain standing with them as they welcomed their liege lord and lady, our Crown. I don't have a copy of what I said in processional for the Crown but I know that I compared those who fought and competed that day to heroes of myth and legend, and by extension I may have made some remarks to the effect that the royal house of Ansteorra were like unto Greek Gods. If I get excommunicated, I'll post an image of the document for those with an interest in such things. Their Majesties then invited and welcomed His Royal Majesty Roger to join them in court. I do know that I said something about how, if our royal house were like Greek Gods and Glenn Abhann can refer to the Ares Thrones, then surely the Royal House of the West was a house of Titans, progenitors of the houses of all other kingdoms and beyond mythic in stature. Anyway, court started something like that.

Their Majesties opened court and shared a few words and then called for those who have served in our military branches but who have not yet been recognized with a Sable Shield. There was an outpouring of response and I think there were 14 or 15 people who came forward to the applause and appreciation of the populace for their sacrifice and service.

Baronial court then opened and there were many items of business covered. I think some archers shot Their Excellencies falcon by mistake in the competition and possibly had a wereguild imposed. Some shot the wrong bear and guards took them into custody. And then several archers were recognized for shooting the right things starting with a 6 year old (I believe).

Their Excellencies added a member to the Order of the Firebrand, Elizabeth Marie de Medici. Their Majesties also allowed Their Excellencies to present three other awards:
Anastasia von Eschenbach received an Award of Arms.
Mihil von Brandenburg received a Sable Thistle for Woodworking.
Faolan MacCairbre received a Sable Thistle for Toxophilitic Craftsmanship (Craftsmanship in the field of archery).

Their Majesties resumed court by giving Briathel Holynhege a Sable Flur.

Sir John of Severn, the Earl Marshal, was called into court to thank Don Iago for his service as Kingdom Rapier Marshal. He then announced the new Kingdom Rapier Marshal, Countess Amelot Lisette.

Don Caelan MacRob, Queen's Champion and Baron of Loch Sollier, was called before the court and Their Majesties made a point about the number of award recommendations they had received before he won Queen's Champion. They then advanced him to the Order of the Star of Merit.

Their Majesties then called Lady Alice Grovenor and also called for Duke Hrafn Olafsson. (For the record, I just realized this morning that I kept calling him into court as Jarl Hrafn despite knowing he has a duchy. After all I wrote the coronation script where his duchy was read. Apologies to His Grace for that consistent mistake.) When His Grace was last on the throne, an award was granted to Alice but she was not present. The Crown finally caught her at this event and asked His Grace to share some remarks before the text for her Sable Comet for service to Ffynnon Gath was read.

Sigismund von Helfenstein received an Award of Arms and the Crown and crowd were quite pleased and appreciative as Herr Detlef read the charter with a German accent that came across as oh so appropriate.
Amerinda de Praga received a Sable Talon for Rapier Combat.
Elisava Iliesca received a Sable Crane.
Christiana Ivarsdottir received a Sable Talon for Rapier Combat.

There were oaths of fealty given and received and a couple of announcements made. At this point, I do want to publicly acknowledge an error on my part. There was one other knight who had asked to swear fealty in court and I did not immediately write it down on my agenda. In the course of court, I never called for that particular knight and so, through my mistake, robbed him of the chance to do so in court that night. While we all make mistakes (and goodness knows I'll make more in the future), I am particularly distressed and sorry for that oversight because the concept of fealty is so important to me and because of the respect I have for this knight. I shared my error with Their Majesties and this opportunity in court will be corrected. That is my fault, burden, and debt to repay.

We then moved to the Pelican Ceremony for Mistress Ameline. I may see about posting actual text from the ceremony later if she approves (or letting her post to her own Facebook page). But, the gist is thus:
Given the Saxon theme of the day, Their Majesties declared and opened Witan to deal with a matter of law. Guards were placed around the open space before the thrones and only those summoned came into this space.

The Order of the Pelican was called and asked if their complaint, that their order was not complete, was still true. The order was not complete. Their Majesties asked if the order still held to the counsel given concerning the candidate. They did.

Mistress Ameline was then summoned. She was heralded in by Master Cynric.

In a departure from most Ansteorran traditions, a seat was provided for Ameline and placed so that she could see those who witness and testimony would be given for or against her. She would face her accusers or supporters.

First called by the Crown to speak were Sir Karl and Mistress Kasilda. Then Count Romanius and Countess Deanna. Then Count Lochlann and Countess Gwyn. Mistress Stella spoke and then Sir Asoph and Mistress Michelle gave witness. Duke Ulstead and Duchess Ebergardis were then called.

Lastly, with some preface of what the Lions mean to Ansteorrans, a call went out to ask if there was a Lion, any Lion, who might speak about this Lady. Every Lion present (I estimate about 15) stood and declared "I will." Then most deferred to allow Master Ivar Runamagi to actually speak though two others added their words.

Their Majesties, satisfied with the witness given, called Ameline to kneel before them and she was examined. Two questions were asked and then a short declaration of the requirements and characteristics of a peer were read. She answered the questions and absolutely agreed to accept membership in the order, even through all that was said.

Instead of a cloak, a hanginroch (I know I misspelled that but it sounds like that to me) was provided. This is an apron-like garment worn on the front of the dress and hers had the Pelican embroidered. The garment was crafted by and presented by Honorable Lady Angeal.

Then a chapeau was brought forward that was crafted and presented by Lady Beatrix Alfray.

Then the beautiful medallion carved by Honorable Lord Carroll was presented to the Crown by his hand.

Each was placed on Ameline and, as she was already in chosen fealty, Their Majesties raised her up and declared her Mistress of the Pelican.

As she greeted other members of the order, the heralds began to read first in Latin and then in English the lines of the Letters Patent for her membership in the order. The charter was created by Lord Jasper (whose last name I do not have) with Latin text and Ameline had no idea that it existed before that moment.

The order went to the back of the hall to continue greeting Ameline. Their Excellencies of Bjornsborg gave some closing words and closed their court. His Majesty Roger shared his thanks for the hospitality of the barony and kingdom and his words were well received. Their Majesties Jean Paul and Gilyan also shared their closing thoughts and court was closed.

With much thanks to Herr Detlef for his assistance, and to all others who made that night possible, and with congratulations to Ameline and all those rightly recognized...

Now, I am going to eat a snack and go back to napping on my train ride back home.