Event Review - St. Crispin's Day Feast 1981 - by Briony Blåaslagen

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ST. CRISPIN’S DAY FEAST, October 24, A.S. XVI (1981 C.E.)
by Briony Blåaslagen

On Saturday Evening, October 24, many locals and folks visiting from other parts of the Kingdom attended the St. Crispin's Day Feast in Bjornsborg. I was on the serving crew, and so was there early enough to watch the feasters arriving, many garbed in costumes of great splendor. When all were present and seated, we began serving the first course: salad, a lizard-like subtlety of chicken with a stuffing, venison with frumenty, and an onion soup. Everyone ate heartily, and soon the first remove was finished. A short break followed, during which Lady Signy Stormhelm, accompanied by Rashid al Ras at Tinnin on drums, entertained all with her very impressive candle dance and a bit of free style belly dance.

The second remove was then brought forth: a colored sew without fyre, beef stew (which was delicious), meat pies, and macrows & chese. Everyone seemed to be getting enough to eat, and some were even refusing seconds by this time. During the break after the second remove, a short court of Their Excellencies Baron Jan And Baroness Alexandra was held. Count Sir Ton was made a member of the Order of the Ursae Majoris of Bjornsborg, and Rei Galen of Bristol received an Award of Arms. Then we were graced with a poem and a song from Jarlinde Sieglinde.

The third remove was then served out. A pea soup was followed by subtlety of hedgehogs, which were disgustingly cute meat loaves that many hated to eat. Cheese tarts, and the most universally popular dish--cryspes (there were no leftovers on this one)--finished off the third remove. Lady Sula Von Pferdenthal entertained the feasters during the final break with her poetry, some new and then some well-known by request. At last, dessert (rastons) was served. I did not talk to a single person who was less than stuffed, and the food was truly excellent; also, every dish was period. The feast, as might be guessed, had taken up a good part of the evening, and people meandered about visiting for only a short while afterward. The attendant populace did manage to float the keg of Strangebrew (a first), and many felt that it was Richard's best (myself included). Soon we were all taking our leave and heading home, heavier now than when we arrived. My compliments to Lady Sula and Lord Darcy for the best feast I have ever had at an event!