Event Review - Northkeep Castellan 2006 - by Ian Dun Gillan

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Originally posted to the Northkeep email list June 2008, reposted here with permission of the authors.
Ciamar a tha sibh Northkeep,

There are SCA events then there was Castellan 17. This Castellan was a celebration of such heroic proportions that it will be talked about not only in the north but all over the Kingdom for many years to come. We are at such a loss for words at this point to share how proud we are of the event and the people who worked so hard to put it on. Northkeep as a barony has held to its reputation as a proud and hard working and heroic people who share their love of the dream and their hospitality with one and all. This event and this Barony are the greatest!

There have been so many fine words of thanks expressed already that we feel our humble words will not do justice to how much we appreciate all that was done. We will find the time to thank specific people, please know that our thanks and unbound appreciation belong to one and all that strove and toiled at Castellan, your efforts did not go unnoticed...

HE Master Beorhtlic and Lord Wilhelm out did themselves. I saw them working almost nonstop all weekend long. They and their lady wives all gave so much of themselves to Castellan and Northkeep and for their efforts they must be praised and recognized.

Keigan's feast was of such a legendary magnitude that we think it would be a fool's folly to try and top it. All of those courses and all the helping hands that went into making them can boggle the mind if you try to think about how one person could have coordinated it all.

Montega, Lahoma, and House Halfiras' water bearing and hospitality perfectly reflected the honest hospitality and charity of Northkeep.

Damon Xanthus strove day and night for the whole event and again proved to us how much he loves Northkeep, and for that we love him.

Damon Hroarson our Seneschal and his Lady Ismet was there till the end doing what they do best and we could not be happier to have such a wonderful person serving as the administer of Northkeep's estates.

Ainar and Mercedes, with out you and all you have done we would not be here. Thank you.

Zahava, Etienne, and all those served as heralds your efforts were priceless, thank you.

These people were all at the forefront of the event and for that we cannot thank them enough. There are so many others to thank and in time you will hear and see our thanks. So great are our thanks to all of you that if we were to write it out the time it took to read this email could exceed the length of the Castellan Feast. We know your time is precious and so we will not put you to such a task.

For now Kelandra and I are resting and recovering from the whirlwind of wonder and awe at Castellan. We are taking away so many good memories and we hope that soon those who took pictures can make them available. We would love to collect a photo album of the event and the Investiture not only for ourselves but also for posterity sake.

Now we are turning our thoughts to Officers meeting and Populace. The Castellan post mortem will be held starting before officers meeting this month on the 19th at the Library starting at 6 PM. Populace meeting will be on the 26th and we would at that time like to meet with the Baronial Guard. We will also during Populace express our full thanks to everyone. Please gather your friends and join us at these meetings.

Until then, Northkeep, we hold you in our hearts,

Ian and Kelandra,
Lord and Lady of Northkeep