Event Review - Mooneschadowe Guardian 2004 - by Ian Dun Gillan

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(reposted with permission of the author, originally posted to the Mooneschadowe Email list, fall, 2004)


This Moonshadowe Guardian was an outstanding event. Although quite hot during the day the nights were comfortable. Moonshadowe went all out to do their best for all of those who attended.

The fighting was heroic as the boldest of Ansteorran warriors battled against the Calontiri and themselves for the title of Guardian. Chivalrous acts abounded as noble fighters all did their best but alas Calontir took home once more the title of Guardian.

The A&S was filled with wonderful items from all over the north and Calontir. Artisans and craftsfolk showed items of exceptional skill. The Calon artisans brought with them items of such beauty that they took that competition as well.

The Bardic was filled with amazing tales, heart moving songs, and poems. Although the Ansteorrans did place well it was still a Calon who won. The archery and other missile competitions were fierce. Arrows, axes, spears, and knives flew with accuracy toward their marks. It was Ansteorra who won the day among the archers but fell short in the other missile competitions.

The Ensignante list was filled with rapier fighters who did well at meeting the many challenges of the days tourney. Among them Ansteorra's first Don, and newest fighters. In the end it was Northkeep's own Shay who took the title and saved the Ansteorran rapier fighters from defeat at the hands of the Calons.

The competitions were not all the event offered food fit for the grandest of kings, friendship enough to fill the longs hours with good company and camaraderie, and also some very memorable occurrences. Such as Richard and Angus wrestling, Kate and Niki playing with Hawkins (or as they called him Hawkie-Pawkie), The surprise elevation of Viggen to the status of Centurion of the Sable Star of Ansteorra, and the number of friends and family gathered with Owen to celebrate his vigil and knighthood. These occurrences were truly memorable, but they were not the least of the items that made memories of the event. This was the largest individual group held event in the Northern Region since 1997 with over 350 people on site. This was the first Moonshadowe event where a peer was elevated on Moonshadowe soil.

Also Moonshadowe presented a request to the crown to be elevated to the status of a Provice. The crown approved and now they will move on to an offical polling and then send off a petition to the BOD. If approved, that would make Moonshadowe the first ever Provice in Ansteorra.

I, for one, wish to thank Moonshadowe and everyone who put so much hard work into the event. I hope that news of the quality of their event reaches out to the farthest corners of our kingdom and those of our neighbors so that next year's Guardian will be just as good or better.

Kind Regards,