Event Review - Coronation 2006 - by Ian Dun Gillan

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The Coronation of Aaron & Britta

(originally posted to the Northkeep email list, reposted with permission.)

Greetings unto our fair Barony,

I wanted to take a little time and tell you about the Coronation we attended this weekend in the Shire of Treloc (San Angelo, Texas) in the Western Region. I hope that you find my words entertaining.

We took to the Ancient Imperial Road which headed from the walls of Northkeep toward the Barony of Wiesenfeuer and beyond to Eldern Hills and Brad Leah. We much prefer this route as the stone capped path makes for fast traveling when riding in a carriage or cart. With much distance to go we whipped our horses into as fast a trot as local wardens would allow.

It was late in the night when finally road weary and dusty we came to the Inn with the Comfortable suites where we had arranged rooms to be shared with Master Tarl and Mistress Stacia and Their Excellencies Beorhtlic and Elizabetta. The building was of fine construction and very clean. More people of the society were rooming at this same inn but had no time to meet them when we arrived.

We found out that Beorhtlic and Elizabetta had stopped in the Lands of Namron to join company with the fair Contessa Vanessa who would be joining our restful little party. We were to our beds before long, with those having made extra stops not yet arrived.

The hours of the night seemed to short before morning bells were calling the shire to wake. To our surprise all our party had joined us in the wee hours of the dawn before our waking. Some hurried off to help prepare the hall others laid abed eeking out a few more snores before making our way across the busy bustling streets of Treloc to the hall where coronation was to be held.

Upon arrival at the hall we found the surrounding fields filled with all manner of cart, carriage, wagon, and conveyance. Making it a long haul from where there was room to park our carriage and the hall. When finally we made it in the Kings Champion was well underway and saw so many warriors vying for the honor. Duke Hogarten won the day to claim the title of Kings Champion. The inside of the hall was appointed and bedecked nicely with cool breezes and plenty of seating. Although with the length of the days activities I was sorry I had no brought something soft to place upon the sturdy steel seats that Treloc had provided.

The hall was full, I had heard the Western events were not well attended and to be honest I could find no evidence of such at Coronation. The small Shire of Treloc was full up this weekend with people from all over the known world making a pilgrimage to see such auspicious events as occurred at coronation.

We visited HL Adria of the Eldern Hills in her vigil, as her elevation to the rank of Pelican was announced at our own Castellan we thought it only right and good. At the Vigil we where greeted with fine foods and such hospitality as could be had at only the finest of feasts. None other than the HL Elizabeth De Calais from right here in Northkeep provided the appetizing array of food for the vigil. I watched her during our visit and I must say that she made me so very proud. No one went away from that tent with out a full belly and a satisfied smile.

It was not a long wait before the first court was started and the Majestic Mahadi and the Virtuous Valeria made their goodbyes before passing the crowns on to Aaron and Brita. Many a fine award was given and as usual the makers of the scrolls were read. Many times names from Northkeep were read: Zubeydah and Siobhan appear to have the lions hare as it were of scrolls in that court. One original scroll was given for a Court Barony, which bore the words on its reverse from the Artisans of Northkeep. The people who received the scrolls seemed very happy with them and many people were jealous of the skill and beauty of the scrolls created by Northkeep’s artists. It filled Kelandra and I with much amusement to have people turn to look in our direction and nod approvingly, expressing what we already knew...that the scroll painters and illuminators of Northkeep Rock!

HL Adria became Mistress Adria, and Centurion Thomas became Sir Thomas, their peerage ceremonies invoked strong emotions in all who witnessed them. Master Beorhtlic made a very moving speech for Adria where he named her his peer in the arts.

There was a short wait before Aaron and Brita took the thrones, Kelandra and I took that time to meet and introduce ourselves to a few of our noble Cousins from across the Kingdom. We found each couple we met to be friendly and kind people whom we look forward to seeing more of. Brion and Fiona of Raven’s Fort also Kanin and Oriana were particularly pleasant, that is not to say others were not pleasant but my talk with these two couples were the more pleasant for having just met them.

Aaron and Brita’s court was announced and with much beating of drums and processing the Aaron made his entrance thru a hall lined with raised swords, where he was stopped by the Lions of Ansteorra. Three times Aaron was asked who he was and how he came to this throne. With answers given he took up the sword of state from the lions that in unison bowed before the new king as he drew the sword from them. From the Lions Aaron made his way to the thrones where by his own hand he crowned himself king. In an equally inspiring ceremony Aaron called for his lovely queen and with tears in his eyes he crowned her. During the following Court we as landed nobles of Northkeep among others went forward and gave our oaths to this new King. He seems fair and strong and we expect a good reign with him as the leader of the greatest of kingdoms.

When court was over we made our good byes and after much effort loaded ourselves back into our carriage to find food and our beds. Food came from a traveling Italian pie man whose savory meat and vegetable pies were devoured slice by slice in the comfort of our inn room. After eating and lounging some few of us decided to seek the bubbly warm communal bath, which this inn offered its guests. Upon our sliding into the relaxing waters we were soon joined by group after group of fellow travelers until the tub was flowing over...not only its war waters but with mirth and good cheer as well. Soon the friendly chatting, fun, and the brewers best spilled over into the cool waters of the pool. As the evening drew on a true revel sprang up there in the side yard of the inn with the pool and the hot tub being the focus. We had a grand time with people from Northkeep, Eldern Hills, Steppes, Bjornsborg, all over the Kingdom and some few from outside Ansteorra’s borders. The party was so much fun that travelers from other inns came to join in with us before seeking their own beds in other establishments. His Grace Mahadi and his retinue wandered in, the new Pelican and her family, the new knight and his lady, and many others. As the fun waned much later the weariness of the long travel and the long day again set in and we took once more to our beds leaving the party to dwindle on. With careful steps we entered into a room filled with our dozing companions who had beaten us to slumber by avoiding the party.

Morning greeted us again after our second night in such a fine inn and this dawn we went down to the common room to join in the breaking of our fast with those we had reveled with the night before. A veritable feast the Innkeepers placed out for us...and the local printers had some how managed to fit in a fine article about the knighting and the coronation into their daily news digest, which was passed about with much excitement at the tables.

With breakfast done each party and person made their good byes, loaded their carts and carriages, and took to the roads leading in all directions away from Treloc.

We had a grand time in the company of those few who traveled from Northkeep and those new friends we made in the far off lands of Treloc. I can not say I look forward to visiting the Shire of Treloc again soon, simply because of the distance...but you can be assured with the hospitality they showed us and such fine inns that I will certainly one day again make that long pilgrimage to the far reaches of the Western Region and I would encourage all of us in Northkeep to make an effort to visit there at least once.

The journey to coronation ended we once more returned to our small cottage near the ports south and east of Northkeep, to our own beds…dreaming of fine scrolls and fine foods content in knowing that Northkeep and its people had made a grand showing at the Coronation of our new King.

With kind regards,
Ian Dun Gillan
Lord of Northkeep