Event Review - 1981 Bjornsborg Revel & Lawn Games by Briony Blåaslagen

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By Briony Blaaslagen

On Saturday, October 3, Bjornsborg hosted a revel and lawn games, also known as the wienie roast. Most of the Barony and guests arrived during midmorning, and soon many vigorous activities such as skittles, balance beam, and board gaming were underway. Lady Tess of Ambergeen, Jarl Sigmund the Wingfooted, and Baron Jan w Orzeldom had soon gotten the food started, and Jan’s Squire, Lord Geoffrey, parted many hungry customers from their money in exchange for a ‘Bjornsburger’ or a ‘Sir Sigmund Sausage’.

After the first food rush, many of the populace settled down to a friendly, cross—country game of "rock", in which the ladies were victorious. During midafternoon, the populace wandered about, sometimes partaking in the croquet game, a game of chance, or sparring on the hill, and sometimes just visiting or watching the many activities.

As late afternoon approached, most were hungry again, so the coals were fired up and Sir Sigmund persuaded many to partake of his namesake sausage. Dusk brought about the commencement of "Black Star Wrestling", with announcer, Jarl Sigmund, giving an account of each bout. Ragnar and Moonbear entertained the onlookers as they "greased" themselves with beer to make the bout more challenging, and another young lad won a prize for "best moon" after he split his trousers back to front.

As darkness closed in, we adjourned to the pavilion for fan tan and other games of chance, at which there were many losers and few winners. As everyone grew tired, the gaming drew to a close and we all sat and sang for a while. Then, all too soon, it was time to close up and head home.