Event Review: Winter War Maneuvers 2019

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by Owen ap Aeddan

As I have played and traveled in the wonderful world of the SCA, there is only one currency that holds its value throughout the known world and that is Word Fame. Please see and hear the following:

Lo did a small but fierce, group of mighty warriors from Ansteorra travel north to the Glorious Kingdom of Calontir to the Barony of Mag Mor. Many times have I made this trek with harness and weapons of war, to test the armies of Calontir and help them make ready for the coming wars. As years past we traveled with many fine gifts, to bestow upon our friends in the Falcon Kingdom. For the great and mighty King Donngal and the ever fierce and beautiful Queen Catalina, had already declared that the mighty Falcon Host would spread its wings and bring the might of Calontir against the enemies of Ansteorra. Which I did hear with my own ears at the Coronation of our truest allies in January.

Our Harbingers were Centurion Ashikaga and Lady Thorvi, they made our accommodations ready for us and the King’s road was clear of bandits. Centurion Ashikaga spent the day making everyone regret that he fought with glaive and spear, watching him kill folks was poetry in motion and beautiful to watch, truly beautiful. His good humor and wisdom made the evening pass with much enjoyment and he is a treasure of Ansteorra. Lady Thorvi fought like a lioness and she overcame many obstacles to bring honor to her house of Wolfstar, and her soon to be home of Ansteorra.

I traveled with my squire Centurion Alexandre, Lord Rashid, Lord Godfrey, Lord Takeshi, we left out of Wiesenfeuer late Friday traveled the distance to Winter War Maneuvers, due to the might of the Calontir Crown we encountered no bandits and our trip was smooth and uneventful. We arrived safely in the lands of the Barony of Mag Mor rested and prepared ourselves for the glory that was to be had.

Centurion Alexandre, Centurion Ashikaga and myself decided that our war band would be commanded by Lord Rashid. Which he had not done before and with a little nudge here and there comported himself with dignity and skill befitting an Ansteorran, that brought honor and renown to our Kingdom. His commands were heard clearly and he worked with the Calontir commanders so we could best help our allies prepare for war.

Centurion Alexandre was a solid addition to our small wall, his sword claimed many lives and his solid defense kept our poles and spears alive and killing. His fights between the melees brought a small tear to his knight’s eye, as seeing his squire fighting well and loving it, did my heart some much needed good.

Lord Rashid not only commanded well but fought like a lion, not only in the melees, but his fights between the sessions, which brought a parade of fighters, knights, and members of Calontir’s royal family over to me to show me the Rashid’s patented “Rashid bruise” that he had placed on all of them. Many voices were raised in praising Rashid throughout the day and even late into the revel.

Lord Godfrey my stalwart friend and squire to Count William Miesko the Bear, more times that I can count did his shield and sword save my life. Not only did he represent our fair Kingdom well on the field but he also created the beautiful benches that were given to the Calontir Crowns and were much loved by them and the Queen of Meridies. We as a Kingdom are blessed to have such a good and true man within our borders.

Lord Takeshi newest fighter in our group comported himself well and brought honor to his liege Lord Godfrey, much did he do, much did he learn and all were grateful for his presence. I am not sure but I believe he has almost completed a quest that he has under taken and it brought joy to my heart to see a young fighter from Ansteorra fight with such passion.

After mid-day we presented the many gifts to Her Majesty Calontir, some of the items were more special than usual and I wish to speak on them:

The box, Centurion William has made 11 boxes for the Crowns of Calontir, we do not stain or paint the box as it is the Crowns box to do with as they will. I have been told several times by many different Crowns how much they appreciate the epic box that this good man makes.

Normally I fill the box with things the Crown of Calontir has said they like, with very little help however this year Centurion Alexandre’s Man at Arms Ivan Half-Jaw, said unto me if we are asking them to fight with us we should help them get more fighters. He then added a helmet to the box and a basket hilt was thrown in for good measure.

It is truly a blessed thing to have and know such good people, the Kingdom of Calontir are true and good allies, and some of my favorite memories involve trips to go see our friends in that great Kingdom. It has been my honor to represent our glorious and mighty King Miguel and the deadly and beautiful Queen Conal at Calontir’s Crown Tournament, Coronation, and the always awesome Winter War Maneuvers. Thank you for having faith in me to do this for you.

Our trip home was filled with stories of all the epic of the weekend, and the enjoyment of good friends having a great time with awesome people.

So swear I,
Iarll Owen ap Aeddan
Marchog of Ansteorra